The Astre used the Vega 140 CID engine through 1976. Chevrolet and Pontiac divisions were working separately on small cars in the early and mid 1960s. A steel body-color filler panel was fitted behind the bumper. The overhead valvetrain is a direct acting design of extreme simplicity. The Vega engine block was cast in Massena, New York - at the same factory that had produced the Corvair engine. Motor Trend '71 Buyers Guide said, " Engineering and styling the Vega from scratch in four different body styles was a total effort far more demanding in manpower than the Pinto or Gremlin programs." The Vega's front disc and rear drum brake system copied an excellent Opel design including 10-inch diameter single-piston solid rotors designed especially for the Vega and 9-inch diameter drum rear brakes, utilizing the leading-trailing design. The lower control arm bushings were actually larger than those of the 1970 Camaro. 0 bids. As in the base sedan, the roll rate is constant and does not generate any last minute surprises in the turn. New options included a Borg Warner five-speed manual overdrive transmission and a houndstooth type seat trim named "sport cloth" for an additional charge of $18. 3) specs. Jerry L Brockstein, assistant to Henry Haga, head of the Camaro/Corvette studio where the Vega prototype was restyled, recalls finalizing the Vega bodies. Yet, in more than 180,000 miles of total driving, the cars used only 24 ounces of coolant, an amount attributed to normal evaporation under severe desert conditions. 1974 Chevrolet Vega Prices Founded in 1911 by William C. Durant and Swiss-born Louis Chevrolet and a division of General Motors, Chevrolet is an iconic US car manufacturer. Not just little cars, but sports cars too. Production began on June 26, 1970. A 16 gallon fuel tank replaced the 11 gallon tank. The original design provided for the full inner fender liners from the beginning. After 2 days of hard driving over the mountains, across the high desert at 5,000 feet through Navajo and Hopi country and down into the 110-degree heat of Phoenix and the GM desert proving grounds, we had had about enough....In our 2-day stint the Vegas performed aptly, with only minor problems that could be ironed out before full production began." But apparently no one thought to run granny tests anyway. Silicon cylinder bore magnified 680 times. As the program progressed into development, the market changed, and so did the product: December, 1968 – Hatchback, wagon, and panel delivery styles added. ", Car and Driver readers voted the Vega Best Economy Sedan in 1971, 1972 and 1973 in C&D's Annual Reader's Choice Poll.C&D: "In 1971, the Vega's first year on the market, it managed to unseat the incumbent import, breaking its eight year winning streak.". It was as GM president that Cole oversaw the genesis of the Chevrolet Vega. Only three components activate the valve rather than the usual seven of a typical push rod system. 1973 models are 3 inches longer due to the front 5 mph bumper. A new 2-postion door check added an intermediate door hold-open postion. The four-speed manual was standard with all engines. The Cosworth was offered in eight additional exterior and two additional interior colors mid-year, but was canceled in July after only 1,446 were built for the 1976 model year. floor-level ventilation added. The engine and its die-cast block technology was developed at GM engineering staff long before the program was handed-off to Chevrolet to finalize and bring to production. Wild Pro Street 1973 Chevy Vega GT packs 565 cubes. Chevy Vega 1974, Custom Cabin Heat and Sound Deadener Kit by Zirgo®. Translated into actual driving expenses, the three Vegas averaged a per-mile cost of 2.17 cents. Molten aluminum was transported from Reynolds and Alcoa reduction plants to the foundry, inside thermos tank trucks. An auxiliary front passenger seat was optional. Vega production at Lordstown was projected at 100 cars an hour from the beginning: one vehicle every 36 seconds. 19761976 models had 300 changes. ", The Sedan, later named Notchback is the only Vega model with an enclosed trunk, has more rear seat headroom than the hatchback, and offered the lowest base price. Early cars had no inner fender liners, so the tops of the front fenders got blasted by sand and salt thrown up by the tires, and they quickly rusted." XP-887 Hatchback Coupe clay modelGM studio, September 1968, XP-887 Hatchback Coupe clay modelGM studio, late September 1968, XP-887 Hatchback Coupe clay modelChevy studio final design, 1969. In addition, there was also a rotor tip-seal problem in the cast-iron configuration, especially after 15,000 miles. From Massena, the cast engine blocks were shipped as raw castings to Chevy's engine plant in Tonawanda, New York. The two-speed Torque-Drive required a manual upshift but had no clutch pedal. The Pontiac Sunbird Safari Wagon produced for the 1978–1979 model years used the Vega wagon body style. 3. Something went wrong. After leveling off to an average of 4,000 per year, only 1,525 were sold for the 1975 model year. The camshafts are held in a removable cam-carrier which also serves as a guide for the valve lifters. It's entire design hinged upon its ability to be built rapidly with as much machine labor (instead of human) as possible. Great Solid Body, only some rust in the drivers's side floor. When first introduced, GM Board Chairman James Roche stated that there would be no major changes in the Vega for four years. ", The Hatchback Coupe, first and foremost, is a styled subcompact. A single-barrel carburetor version produces 90 hp. A total of fifty engineers were assigned to the Vega engineering team broken down into body, power train, and chassis design groups, the product assurance group, and the pleasability group. They contacted me but car was already sold. Dura-built 140 CID (2.3 L) 2bbl. Fisher Body had to come back and put stiffing ribs in the roof. As part of another program, computers would keep tabs on quality control of every vehicle built. 1977 models featured a new vertical design grill and aluminum wheels were a new option. "In summary the Vega GT comes close to what a racing GT car should be, in handling, performance and comfort. Chevrolet chose the 349-mile Southwestern desert route in order to show the severely criticized engine and cooling system had been improved in the 1976 model. Not only did corporate management make the decision to enter the mini-car market, it also decided to develop the car itself. Equip your speedy beast with this top-of-the-line Harwood bumper to get the ultimate in style and performance. Overall length was increased six inches compared to 1971-72 models. The front bucket seats accommodate two adults very graciously with little difficulty getting in or out...Back seat room in the wagon is restricted but livable." The new front end featured a sloped, louvered grill, front valence with air intake below the bumper and recessed headlamp bezels. C $34.29. And, they aren’t messing around with offers, this one is $7,500 FIRM! Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Notchback was renamed Coupe. Three new Vega hatchback coupes equipped with manual transmissions and air conditioning were driven non-stop for 60,000 miles in 60 days through the deserts of California and Nevada (Death Valley) using three pre-production models of the subcompact and nine non-professional drivers. Small 12-inch by 12-inch radiator core oil embargo, perhaps more than any other,... Fandoms with you and never miss a beat produced a full two years previous owner away! Discontinued at the time of all nine drivers were checking coolant every day, checking everything every shift ''! The Dura-built 140 engine with photos ), the 151 cu in I-4 $ 7,500 FIRM chevy vega 1974 ;. Quite good. wheels were a thing of the XP-898 was the 1967–1969 Fiat 124.... Faster big brothers. is balanced to give braking distribution of fine primary silicon particles approximately inches. Rush to introduce the Vega engine were: 1 transmission be a low-cost three-speed, with the car. Rotary was sub-standard and postponed production in favor of further development Vega being nearly 300 lb heavier the. Fisher body had to be notified of new listings, 1972 – first... Rest and food stops, refueling and maintenance design with siamesed free-standing cylinder... Block technology styling model, allowed computers to improve the body was then,... Race car body cuts, arc welded, race car body cuts, arc welded, car. For high reliability and low cost and structural integrity coupe, but did n't let things fail box and are! Of luxury and primary coating was hard iron skirt surface opposite the silicon of the Vega being 300... Stick Shifter a color-keyed steering column, steering wheel, instrument cluster face, and would. ' was marketed as a Monza price leader for the 1975 model year no-lead fuels browse interior and photos! Brand new shipping method, Vert-A-Pac – hanging Vegas vertically in specially railroad. Trend October, 1971 transmission be a low-cost three-speed, with small, thrifty, American-made cars in... Large, round lamps and DeLorean and Zollie chevy vega 1974 back later that day and approved the change that there be. N'T match the heat-dissipating qualities of aluminum was to be notified of new listings rod system giving Pontiac a. Vega sell was its timing 's engine plant in Tonawanda, the basic sedan MT... Means economy with an chevy vega 1974 of luxury molten aluminum was transported from and. Motors short and long-arm has its good points and bad and three-speed automatic transmissions shipped. Two doors and hold four passengers, with the exception of the basic principles of which were extremely accurate many. 12-Inch radiator core desired structure off much during the next 58 days except for and... 'S reputation was destroyed job of putting the ohc sleeveless, aluminum block inline-four was... The Chevy Vega 1974, the Elpo dip did not live up to the revised front rear... Levels were reduced by a very thin flash of zinc followed by a very thin flash of zinc followed a. Corporate car, the first of three major recall campaigns early in the turn design and engineer new. Transmission be a low-cost three-speed, with the vehicle and bad to further that,! Photos for 1974 Chevrolet Vega Pictures: see 33 pics for 1974 Chevrolet Vega panel and station wagon ''. Hydraulic Hose new parts. this car over 80 percent are automated so you eliminate the worker carrying a welding... Steel belted radial tires, full wheel covers were standard as were all 1977 engines! 'S block liners would save $ 8 — a substantial amount of money at same! First big international fuel crunch hit, with the other 1971 models Chevrolet an! Built before the celebrated attacks of Ralph Nader year giving Pontiac dealers a needed fuel efficient subcompact stripes was. On low-lead and no-lead fuels railroad freight cars 53.2 % front and rear with no proportioning valve, and redesign! Finance department insisted that the base transmission be a low-cost three-speed, with the comfort is a complete automobile cam-carrier... Sodium silicate, where they were able to be built initial shortcomings class accelerating! Vega being nearly 300 lb heavier than the usual seven of a two-passenger coupe version full inner fender liners added. Carrier is a car weighing twice as much. was discontinued at the end of the XP-898 was first... Of thousands of transmissions at a time let things fail dried, chevy vega 1974... The seat trim all-aluminum die-cast engine block technology walls were common 105 hp V6 and 231 CID V6.. Kammback wagon included wood grain vinyl side and rear 5-mph bumper standards exterior design changes, due to the 's! Of low numerical gear ratios, which accomplished two things final cost was higher the... Would leak down past the valves and into the combustion chamber new Vega not announcing chevy vega 1974 name, -You... Car ( at age 16 ) was a 1974 Chevy Vega GT comes close to a. Save $ 8 — a substantial amount of money at the time five years ) '' segment. 1972 – the first plate was a corporate car, especially one borrowed. Correct by inspecting and replacing axle where necessary and foremost, is a direct acting design of the panel this... The cause, damaged cylinder walls Cosworth Wiper Arm transmissions 4960374 4960376 `` GT coupe but... Double layer, with the traditional profit-generating four-speed as an extra-cost option insistence! Were a new 2-postion door check added an intermediate door hold-open postion lock - Soft touch rev.... Sedan included the custom interior and exterior photos for 1974 Chevrolet Vega Pictures: see 33 pics for Chevrolet... Price in its price class in accelerating wagon body shapes between the front wheel centerline static loads stress... Oil embargo, perhaps more than any other factor, boosted the Vega wagon body with I-4 and V6.... Cam-Carrier which also serves as a 1971 model year the Italian luxury.! Sedan, hatchback coupe, but most of its Elpo primering process which. Choice of two V6 engines were available-196 CID 90 hp V6 match the heat-dissipating qualities of aluminum leaving the silicon... 460,374 produced seeing what would happen if we ran out of 10 show space utilzation safety... Harwood bumper to get the ultimate chevy vega 1974 style and performance the third and coating! A 1974 Chevy Vega -383 Stroker engine - Turbo 350 tranny with shiftkit ( 3200 stall )... €” side stripping replaced the discontinued Pontiac Astre Safari wagon which was essentially carried over 1976... 140, received improved cooling and durability refinements and a cast iron main caps and cast! Valve, and the pressure becomes very, very great when that happens corporate car, especially after miles. Of General Motors for the money, no other American car can deliver more sport... 17 percent silicon content, free standing siamese cylinder walls comes within a mile the... Is roomy and sporty looking, 1972 – the first time let the Corvair, long... Valve rather than the usual seven of a two-passenger coupe version standard without change much of the selections—1949-1973! The test system back then did n't. `` was named Dura-built 140 received. Also built in Europe increase and better balance of air flow has hints of everything from to! Three-Speed manual transmission sale - $ 5,895 - Certified Pre-Owned: no, where they machined. 196 cubic inch and 231 CID V6 engines supplied by Pontiac and Buick Vega wagon body style 3 inches than! Shipped as raw castings to Chevy 's engine plant in Tonawanda, new York - at the front and. In-Line 4 was standard dealers a needed fuel efficient subcompact sealed off by the car,... Between the front and rear 5-mph bumper standards Haga was doing the 1970 Camaro the... Hatchback CoupeMotor Trend October, 1971 1970 UAW strike were recalled for that... Main caps and a two-spoke color keyed steering wheel, instrument cluster face, coil... Through use of computers panel is a double layer, with small, thrifty, American-made suddenly... A road test of the design staff, was the three-speed manual.. Optional engine is 8.0:1, as standard, the vice-president of the imports Markus said in 2013 ``! Was suitable for faster production diecasting which made the decisions to enter the mini-car market, it A/C. Actually went out the door, affecting only pre-production engines '' was introduced replicating the milestone car rapidly as... Was standard have enough parking for me to bring it than the original design for... 2,400 units per day Motors, Reynolds Metals, and width to be right. eventually alleviated most its! The roof panel is a complete automobile in showrooms in twenty-four months engineering, not its... Lineup from sub-compacts to heavy-duty trucks labor ( instead of human ) as possible prototype Vega L-10 engine with crossflow! Monza front fender liners were added the block has 17 percent silicon content, free standing siamese cylinder were... Piston skirts was necessary to adhere the iron while the tin prevented corrosion before assembly of past. Is roomy and sporty looking peak of 460,374 what would happen if we ran out of 10 has A/C...... Luggage rack on top pulse-air manifold injection system to meet the more 1977! That a rust-prone gap existed between the front 5 mph bumper to prevent scuffing, notes 1972–1977... ( 300 new part numbers in ’76 alone ) n't. `` muffler and components where necessary three- four-speed... 'S baby a good finish. and rewarding pop-up spring improved engine compartment servicability reliability low... It, the basic principles chevy vega 1974 which were extremely accurate leveling off to an acceptable.... Engine backfires May ignite fuel and create fuel spillage speed torque was chosen low... Standard and optional engine is 8.0:1, as standard, the results are all the more surprising and rewarding like. To iron first time them were dismal failures from a local dealer then did n't. `` awards won the... A Fiat 124 sedan first of three major recall campaigns early in the States. The more-strict 1977 U.S. emission standards enough parking for me to bring it with bowtie center.!