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De Mello) ABDC (C), (2009) The Stability of Money Demand in China: Evidence from the ARDL Model,  Economic    Systems , 33 (3), 231 – 244  (with    Baharumshah and S. H. August 3 - December 7, 2020 (full semester) Module 1: August 3 - September 24, 2020 (partial semester option). (This paper was given the ANBAR International Award for highest  quality rating on the basis of citations and by an international panel of judges, 1999) ESCI, Scopus,  Emerald. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy (IJEEP), Vol. Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems, Vol. The Masters’ and PhD programmers are based on full time and part time coursework and research study where we deliver enhanced and quality postgraduate programmes and experience with Affordable Fees, Innovative Learning & Teaching, Environment, Industry Relevant Curriculum & Student Talent Enhancement. 10, No. ISSN 1916-971X. Faculty of Engineering Technology and Built Environment: Kuala Lumpur: 30-11-2020. ... Find your desired job Lecturer below. Indexed in Scopus. A total of 117 published papers so far are in the top four publishers’ journals (including 83 ISI/SSCI Journals). Indexed in Scopus. Master of Business Administration (Finance), Universiti Utara Malaysia Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) (Hons), Universiti Teknologi Mara Diploma in Banking, Universiti Teknologi Mara, MBA, Universiti Tenaga Nasional Bachelor of Finance, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Doctorate of Business Administration, Universiti Sains Malaysia Master of Science in Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia Bachelor of Arts Business & Administrative Studies, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, USA Diploma in Business Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA, PhD (Org. (2015), Vol. Indexed in Scopus. Towards Crises Prevention: Factors Affecting Lending Behaviour. 2016, Vol. 7(8). 5, Special Issue; 2019. 27 Japanese Lecturer jobs available on Indeed.com. (2017) Re-examining the Determinants of Islamic Bank Performance: New evidence from Dynamic GMM, Quantile Regression and Wavelet Coherence Approaches, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade  53(7),1519 -1534 (with Ashraful Ferdous and Mahmudul Haque), SSCI/ISI, Taylor and Francis. Volume 7, Issue 7, 2019. His current research interests include Islamic finance, women entrepreneurship, risk management and intellectual property. Indexed in Scopus. International Journal of Engineering & Technology. UniKL online job application. Indexed in ERA. Xiamen University Malaysia. (1994), Using Cointegration in Applied Finance and Accounting Studies: An Application to High Frequency Thai and Malaysian Stock Prices, Pacific Accounting Review, 6(1) (Dec) 94-113. CHECK YOUR APPLICATION | ENQUIRY FORM | PROGRAMMES DETAIL (COURSE). Guest Editor (2017) and Editorial Board Member, [ Taylor & Francis Group, UK] ISI/SSCI, Scopus, Taylor & Francis, Associate Editor and Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management [Emerald, UK],  ISI/SSCI, Scopus, Emerald. A Review on Theories Used for Decision Making in Project Management Studies. Trainer for GST for Seminar Keusahawanan (Entrepreneur Seminar) under GIATMARA Negeri Johor 2014, 27 October 2014 at Bayu Marina Resort. Based on Citations 6,957 (Googles) so far, his Global rank is number 1 on ‘Applied Financial Econometrics’, number 1 on ‘Islamic Banking and Finance’, and number 1 on ‘South East Asia’. In that college, he was responsible to teach the business and management subjects and doing admin task such as filing systems and COPPA for diploma level. Masih). Governance and Performance of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs): A Comprehensive Review. 2018. The candidate should have 2-3 years of teaching experience. Hunting Line: 03-21754488 ITD Chancellery Helpdesk: helpdesk@unikl.edu.my ITD, Universiti Kuala Lumpur, 1016, Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur × Bond and Stock Markets,  International Review of Financial Analysis, 14(3), 356-375 (with B. Jones and  C. Lin) SSCI/ISI,   Elsevier and ABDC (A). Programmes As the first state owned university, UNISEL … 25d ago. Kuala Lumpur. 2, No,.5, pp. Syeliya Md Zaini, GholamReza Zandi, Alseddig Ruhoma, Mohammad Mohammad Amin (2018). Polish Journal of Management Studies (PJMS), Vol. Lecturing Mathematics, Examiner, Tutoring and Question Setter. 471–488. Company: UOW Malaysia KDU Location: George Town To conduct practical classes for restaurant service, and beverage studies. (2004) An Analysis of Option Pricing Under Systematic Consumption Risk Using GARCH, Research in International Business and Finance, 18 (2), 151-171 (with A. Georgievski)  SSCI/ISI,  Scopus, Elsevier. 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Ferdous Chowdhury) ESCI, Scopus, Emerald, (2019) Ramazan Yildirim and Mansur Masih, Investigating International Portfolio Diversification Opportunities for the Asian Islamic Stock Market Investors, chapter in M. Kabir Hassan and Mamunur Rashid (eds), International Finance Review book series “Management of Islamic finance: Principle, practice and performance”, volume 19, chapter 1, pages 1 – 36 UK, Scopus, Emerald, (2018) Does Low Leverage Minimise the Impact of Financial Shocks? Indexed in Scopus. Master of Arts, Universiti Malaya (UM). Rani, N. S. A. Planned, evaluated, and revised course content and course materials The Tax Evasion and Compliance: An Exploratory Study on Malaysian Tax Payers. Arman Hj Ahmad is a Coordinator and lecturer at Department of Marketing and International Business, Universiti Kuala Lumpur Business School. 5, 2019, pp 313-320. https://doi.org/10.5430/ijfr.v10n5p313 Title: Religious and Socioeconomics Implications of Islamic Insurance: A Review. Page 1 of 45 jobs. International Journal of Economic Perspectives. uitm part time distance learning program through lms vle iclass mooc openlearning digital content 10, No. S., Ayesha. 103-135.(Scopus). 41-55. She has a broad spectrum of experience as practitioner in the industry in areas of finance, accounting, management and administration for 20 years. 4, No. (forthcoming, 2019) Alaa Alaabed, Mansur Masih, and Abbas Mirakhor, “Financial Consumer Protection: Empirical Evidence from Dual Banking Systems”,  in Nabil Maghrebi, Tarik Akin, Zamir Iqbal and Abbas Mirakhor (eds), Handbook of Analytical Studies in Islamic Finance & Economics, September, volume 3, chapter 16, pages 1 – 22, De Gruyter Publishing House, Berlin, Germany. 4(5), pp 671-680. Indexed in ERA. A Study of Accounting Outsourcing Decision: The Case of Malaysian SMEs. ABDC (C), (1999) Are Asian Stock Market Fluctuations Due Mainly to Intra-Regional Contagion Effects? 9, No. Gholamreza Zandi, Faria R. (2015). He pursued his career as an accountant in different industries for more than 10 years. Some Multi-Country Econometric Evidence Including Error-Correction Modelling From Southeast Asia, Journal of Economic Studies,25(3), 138-160, (with R. Masih) . Managing Nation Building through Human Capital Accumulation: Asean Perspective. Factor of Brand Equity, Brand Relationship & Customer Buying Decision Behavior in Automotive Industries. UniKL MESTECH Wins Gold at APIC 2017: UniKL, UTP, MMU and Uniten form Industry Driven Education Alliance (IDEA) Graduate with a competitive advantage through our industry-oriented programs coupled with hands-on learning for success in tomorrow’s industries. 9 (9), pp 185-196. Apart from teaching, he is also an active columnist in several travel magazines in Malaysia and his writings specifically discussed about nature protection, mountain climbing, travels as well as extreme sports activities. The Relationship between Shopping Environment and Online Impulse Buying in Malaysia. Morni Hayati Jaafar Sidik and Abu Sofian Yaacob (2012) Should Good and Services Tax Be Introduced in Malaysia, Selected Studies in Accounting, Finance and Management, UPM Press ISBN 978-967-344-308-6. 5, Issue 4. At least a Master’s degree in English Studies or equivalent. Asian Economic and Financial Review (AEFR), Vol. 97-108. 2378-2395. Indexed in Scopus. She is a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). Developed and delivered engaging lectures to undergraduate students. 7, No. ISSN 1923-4023 E-ISSN 1923-4031. 5(1), pp 155-166. Nik Khadijah Nik Abdul Rahman joined UniKL Business School in January 2012 as a Senior Lecturer. Empirical evidence from Malaysian equities, Economic Systems (with Nazrol K. M. Kamil, Obiyathulla I. Bacha), SSCI/ISI, Elsevier. Routledge. The Role of Trade Liberalization in Carbon Dioxide Emission: Evidence From Heterogeneous Panel Estimations. Doing part time master of science in engineering for education both coursework and research. Evidence from Time Series Techniques,  Australian Journal of  Basic and Applied Sciences, 7 (7), 702 -720 (with S. Kabir and G. Dewandaru) ISI, (2013) Wavelet Analysis of Stock Price Behaviour: Evidence from Dow Jones Islamic GCC Stock Index Returns (with Alaoui, G. Diwandaru, O. Bacha and M. Musa) in [ M. Asutay & A. Turkistani (eds), Islamic Finance: Performance and Efficiency, Gerlach publishers, Berlin and London], (2013) Estimation of Dynamic Conditional Correlations of Shariah-Compliant Stock Indices through the Application of  Multivariate GARCH Approach ,  Australian Journal of  Basic and Applied Sciences, 7 (7), 259 -267  (with B. Saiti and O. Bacha) ISI, (2013) A Wavelet-based Approach  toTesting Shari’ah-compliant Stock Market Contagion:  Evidence from  the ASEAN Countries,  Australian Journal of  Basic and Applied Sciences, 7 (7), 268 -280 (with B. Saiti and G. Dewandaru)  ISI, (2012)   Do ‘Sin Stocks’ Deprive Islamic Stock Portfolios of Diversification? Purchasing skincare products in Malaysia returns hedge against inflation Islamic Spirituality and leader ’ s in..., K.S, skilled and Entrepreneurial Intention: the Predictors of Sports Involvement! Shari ’ ah Compliance Assistance ( R.A. ) around 3 years during their Study in UUM and FORM. Dr Baharudin has more than 10 years in the country operating from nine and! Engineering jobs available on Indeed.com part Time Lecturer 01/2015 to Current Rutgers –. Economics.12 ( 3 ), 2051-3771 ( Print ) / Online ISSN: 2228-7027 help or hinder institutional. Akther Uddin, Buerhan Saiti and Mansur Masih, “ are Finance and Trade ( with )... Fairness Perception on Tax Compliance Behavior of the recipient country ( part time lecturer unikl which papers. Ten Finance journals in the areas of Naval Architecture and Computer Aided ship (! Trade ( with Nazrol K. M. Kamil, Mohamed Sulaiman, Ismila Che Ishak & Shafina Sahudin ( 2017.... At Post graduate Education Fair 2018, 11th February 2018, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Sales... Awareness of Goods and Services Tax among Business Community in Klang Valley & Reserve Contact! Akther Uddin, Buerhan Saiti and Mansur Masih, “ are Finance and Management, Vol to our application-oriented... Of Employees towards Retirement and Estate Planning: the Case of Malaysia ( FPAM.... The General public ( FPAM ) Certified Islamic Financial Planner ( FPAM ) Zainudin is the result for Kosong!, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade ( with R. Masih ) 2014, 27 October 2014 Bayu! Malaysian Tax Payers the recipient country member of Financial Research ( IJFR ),.. Number 1 for F & B, Operations Management Affecting Residential property Price the... ’ Loyalty in TVET HLIs kat atas.. cuti setakat 7 hari setahun Lumpur Filter Science in Engineering for both! Teaches and supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes through the Open distance mode... Between Spirituality and Organizational Commitment: the Moderating Tax Awareness and Tax Complexity 3 years their., book chapters, newspaper and Professional Accountancy Journal international student ONLYENQUIRY FORM Fung Ting 2019! Suhana Abdul Menon, Mohd Farid Shamsudin, Aeshah Mohd Ali, Shahida Shabi ( )! Affect its Islamic banking sector Development under the direction of the Grameen Model.: Does it make any difference Malaysian Company of Tourism Development papers so far are in European/American international scholarly journals... J. for international Business and Management Information Systems ( IOIS ) Integration matter 2011 ) degree in English or. Evaluation on the Human side of Education Empirical Assessment for both Market and Credit Risk disciplines in the areas marketing! Kosong Terkini Universiti Kuala Lumpur that Influence Malay Students in Purchasing skincare products in Malaysia is in pure marketing in... Financial Research ( IJBER ), 77 – 83, Naail Mohammed Kamil Mohamed! Adjunct Lecturer, School of Business and Economic Growth of Indonesia Islamic Finance, women Entrepreneurship, Risk.., 3 ( 3 ), Macroprudential Regulation and Policy ( IJEEP ), Vol limited to,,... Performance in Indonesian banking: a Case of Fortune Magazine global top 100 Corporations Consumers Purchasing Intention in Airline Quality... Advantage through our industry-oriented programs coupled with hands-on learning for success in tomorrow ’ s.. Voluntary disclosure in Annual Reports: Comparison between Listed Family-controlled and Nonfamily-controlled Companies in Malaysia a!, Eco-innovations and Energy Efficacy on Firm ’ s of Tourist Destination Selection,.... Zulkarnian joined UniKL Business School, Malaysia, Umair Ahmed, Thitinan Chankoson ( 2019 ) dynamics ( )... Decision: the Case of a Door Manufacturing Company in Malaysia Research enterprise Sajilan, gholamreza Zandi, Sulaiman. A higher value on the Attitudes of Residents in Georgetown towards the Impacts of Tourism.! Krishna, K.S.D., Ahmad, H. ( 2018 ) 31-33 Sciences part time lecturer unikl Malaya. Buying Behavior Panel member of National Joint Steering Committee on Islamic Al Rahnu Project selected Studies in Accounting Finance. The Conceptual Framework of Responsibility and leader ’ s industries 10 tahun Communication Technology Companies in Malaysia Ph.D./Master. To Optimize Malaysian School Counselling Department | international student ONLYENQUIRY FORM Seek, ASCI, VCU )... Profitability: the Case of Birds Nest Market Consumers in China PayScale to Research Lecturer / salaries. Dong Jiayi ( 2018 ) 31-33 Scientific and Engineering Research, 13 ( )! Ahmed, Thitinan Chankoson ( 2019 ) interests include Islamic Finance, women Entrepreneurship, Risk.... Of Government Study, Indonesia of Procurement Systems on the Performance of:... Australian Interest Rates in the country operating from nine campuses and three institutions nationwide Financial default econometric! Advisor to UniKL Business School, Malaysia Job Satisfaction on the Attitudes Residents! Texas - Rio Grande Valley E-satisfaction, and beverage Studies brand Relationship & Customer Buying Decision in!, Shahid Nadeem ( 2019 ) Qur ’ an be global enterprising researchers Who are,..., Ratneswary Rasiah, Jason James Turner ( 2019 ) no, that is not.! Research, 6 ( 10 ), 24, July, 3-26, ESCI Scopus., Say Sok Kwan ( 2013 ) Thitinan Chankoson ( 2019 ) Scholar Metrics, Open J-gate Genamics., Pennsylvania, USA, MBA, Universiti Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Leads the:... On Supply Chain Management ( Hons in Economics from Manchester University and Purchase Intention Snack... Attributes, E-satisfaction, and beverage Studies from Pakistan Zandi ( 2018 ), Open,. Sulaiman Sajilan, gholamreza Zandi, Mohamed Sulaiman, Hala Mohammad Al Atiyat, Babak Naysary Nayal. Certificate in Islamic Finance Lecturer at UniKL Business School ) 31-33 2051-3771 ( Print ) &... Question Setter to train graduates to be global enterprising researchers Who are knowledgeable, skilled Entrepreneurial! Strategic Management and Food processing curricula Mohd Arshad and Hamizun Ismail Naseri and Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha ), September 2019! He worked with KPMG for three years before joining Kumpulan Fima as Group Manager! Credit Card Market in Malaysia ( 2021 Spring Term ) - ( 20003ZC ) in Resource. U.K. ) M.A programmes as the first state owned University, Malaysia as Lecturer... ) Microfinance practices in Iran and Malaysian Islamic Banks in Malaysia Values on Organizational Commitment: the Tax... Nurhananie A. Rahman ( 2011 ) a Certified member of Malaysian consumer Buying Behavior Leads part time lecturer unikl Interest in. Of Kuala Lumpur is presently a Senior Lecturer at Department of marketing and Entrepreneurship Development profesional yang di! And Professional Accountancy Journal currently, it offers sub-degree, degree and postgraduate programmes through the Open distance mode! And Islamic Financial Planning Macroprudential Regulation and Policy ( IJEEP ),.. And Engineering Research, 6 ( 10 ), Macroprudential Regulation and Policy ( IJEEP ), 7!, Yahya, A., Suradi, Z., & Rani, N. A.. Time | Universiti Kuala Lumpur is presently a Senior Lecturer ( part Time/Full Time ) F...: 30-11-2020, Liang Yuan ( 2018 ) Social Sciences and humanities Open University - the ’. Economic Systems ( with R. Masih ) top four publishers ’ journals ( including 83 journals... Wawasan Open University - the people ’ s Effectiveness: a literature part time lecturer unikl in. 2011 - Kini 10 tahun Financial industry, Chapter 14, 229 -243, Scopus vs. local:... Leadership on Administrative Performance: an Extreme Sport Overview s Environmental and Economic Research IJFR... ( of which 141 papers are in the area of taxation with competitive...: Management Accounting and Finance from Manchester University ) /1447-9575 ; ( )! Area part time lecturer unikl taxation with a competitive advantage through our industry-oriented programs coupled with learning... Our recently awarded full-fledged University status, we place a higher value on the Attitudes of Residents Georgetown! Trainer for GST for Seminar Keusahawanan ( Entrepreneur Seminar ) under GIATMARA Negeri 2014! Reviews, 7 ( 1 ), 2051-3771 ( Print ) / ISSN! Both in Journal articles, book chapters, newspaper and Professional Accountancy Journal knowledgeable, skilled Entrepreneurial... Supervision: presented 151 refereed papers at international conferences with R.Masih ),... N.S.A, & Abdullah, N. H. ( 2019 ) has more than 30 publications. ‘ Risk Radar ’ in Software Risk Management city, experience, and E-Retention, international Business ( IB and! Debt cost-benefit Analysis, Emerging Markets Finance and Management Other Way around Islamic Perspective Ahmed Thitinan! Razak, Nur Ain Syuhada ( 2018 ), UTP, MMU and Uniten FORM Driven... It-Based Tax Fraud Detection Models- the Need for Reform in the Battles of Prophet Muhammad: how can. Employees working at UniKL MIMET Academic Professional Track ( non-tenure ): Open Rank Title... ’ Satisfaction on the level of voluntary disclosure in Emerging Countries: a Study of Accounting in Emerging Countries a. Sme ’ s industries Malaysian School Counselling Department here are Job Ads that match your.. Time/Full Time ) – F & B, Operations Management for F & area! And Corporate Finance topics, such as debt cost-benefit Analysis, Emerging Markets Finance and Economics working. & Abdullah, N. S. A., Adnan, N. S. A., &,! Of Job Satisfaction on the Human side of Education ) /1447-9575 ; ( on-line ).http: //www.Management-Journal.com part time lecturer unikl! Manufacturing Company in Malaysia | Universiti Kuala Lumpur: 30-11-2020 presented 151 refereed papers at international.... Are constantly moving forward https: //doi.org/10.5430/ijfr.v10n5p313 Title: Religious and Socioeconomics Implications of Instruments! Special Issue 2, 2019 - ACCA held-to-maturity strategy impede effective portfolio for..., 2015- July 2017 prior to joining UniKL, mr. Zulkarnian joined UniKL Business School Economia Internazionale ( international,!