Steel has faced a constant decrease in prices over the past couple of years. … Durability: Stainless steel is more durable than copper and can withstand harsh conditions. Stainless Steel and Copper Plumbing Pipes Within the Same System. International Project Series: Lillie Square, London, IBEX Australia Series – Going above and beyond, Plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), cellulose acetate-butyrate (CAB), polybutylene (PB), and polyethylene (PE), Iron (which can either be cast iron or ductile iron). Copper plumbing requires less maintenance and fewer repairs over time and … The most appropriate stainless steel shapes and profiles are made using the following designations of stainless: – 304/L Stainless Steel. Most durable out of all the steel metals in the market. It seems the industry uses copper and or stainless steel heating elements in their water heaters. Marine environments, where the steel is exposed to salt water and sun require special types of stainless steel. The plain ends to copper tubing are normally joined by brazing, soldering and with flanged and flared fittings. The copper / In this regard, a quick look at chemistry books should show copper as the clear winner. SS 636 - Press-fit joints. Stainless Steel Ball Valve. Stainless steel is recognized as the premium material for marine applications due to its luster, strength, stiffness and corrosion resistance. Neelcon Steel Industries. At RS Components we stock many types of pipe fittings. Discolouration: Copper can lose or change colour over time. What Does the 'L' Mean in 316L Stainless Steel? High costs: Applications can come with a high upfront cost. Extreme temperature vulnerability: Copper piping have difficulty withstanding extreme cold. Call Us - +65 - 6294 3832. Despite copper being soft and malleable to manipulate, stainless steel press-fit systems are faster and easier to install, slashing costs by up to 30%. The State of the Pool and Hot Tub Industry During the Pandemic, Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Spa in the Summer. Super Pipes is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all our domestic and international customers by offering a one-stop solution to meet clients’ needs for steel products. It also increases the ductility and reduces the stainless steel pipe hardness. Steel is one of the strongest and most durable metals available for plumbing. Maintenace of copper is a bit more time consuming if you want to maintain its finish. Wherever the different part is: a. Copper has the ability to be recycled over and over without any loss in performance. In water pipes, this can cause water discolouration and copper poisoning. Stainless steel is a modest type of the iron-carbon composite. Some widely used steel pipe standards or piping classes are: • The API range – now ISO 3183. Call 08048010679 89% Response Rate. SS 636 - Press-fit joints. Are there major cost differences? Related Topics . If your gut feeling is that there is a clear winner, think again. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Fire resistant: Able to withstand extreme heat. The copper / The thermal conductivity of a heat exchanger determines how quickly the heat exchanger passes the heat from the heating source to the distribution fluid. Stainless steel are iron alloys with other alloying elements added to enhance its structure and properties such as formability strength and toughness. Each material type presents its own set of trade-offs. You can achieve various lengths, widths and contours more easily with copper fittings. by jkocis » Wed Jul 02, 2014 11:49 am A 7890 GC (dual FID) is being relocated, and new gas lines will be installed. While stainless steel is a common plumbing material for water mains and fittings because it has an … Thermal conductivity: Copper has the highest thermal conductivity of any engineering material, hence its common use in heat exchangers. High corrosion resistance: Also highly resistant to rusting. Some grades of stainless steel are also superior to brass in more-aggressive marine environments such as … In fact, there are more similarities than differences between these two metals. Single ferrule or double ferrule compression fittings? In saying that, which one is right for your project? E.g. Elbow - These fittings are installed between two pipes to create a … That is the question. However, this applies to all quality products and can be seen as an investment rather than a cost. This dimension standard mostly is same with ASTM B36.10M. Hong Hock is leading manufacturer & supplier of stainless steel, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel bar & stainless steel plate in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam & Singapore. Copper pipes, on the other hand, corrode easily when exposed to gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and … NORIKA – Singapore leading supplier of high quality water sanitary wares, plumbing wares, bathroom accessories products, hardware tools, solutions, services Does it make any difference during installation? There are different types of piping systems used in industries today, the most common ones being process piping and service piping. To have a clear understanding of both metals, it is important to look at their upsides and downsides. Passion for excellence is our driving force as we are the only stockist in Singapore to offer customised steel fabrication service to all steel users in the industry. This decrease often involves an over supply in the market due to the relative demand. Because of this, their applications in industrial piping also differ, though, in other areas they are used interchangeably. Steel is far much easier to install and this cuts down on labour cost and time. International Project Series: Meyer Werft (Shipyard), Papenburg, Germany. Galvanized pipe, which has a zinc coating that inhibits corrosion, is more durable than older pipes constructed of steel or iron. The other is its recyclability. Also, the rigidity and lightness of copper tubes make them ideal for long run installations. Which is costlier- stainless steel or carbon steel. We'll break down all of the differences below. MISUMI offers free CAD download, short lead times, competitive pricing, and no minimum order quantity. The plastic pipes are Poly Vinyl Chloride PVC, Chlorine Poly Vinyl Chloride CPVC, Poly Ethylene PE, Polybutylene PB, and Kitec. Tubes instead are made of mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel, etc. Stainless Steel Pipe Finishing: Pipes are supplied in 1 type of finishing which is Annealed and Pickled. Easy to install as it’s light weight and easy to work with. It’s exceptional strength, ductility and resistance to creeping and corrosion makes it the preferred and safest conductor for building wiring. Copper is one of the better metal conductor of electricity. If it is a specific finish that is required, then regular maintenance is necessary. Copper has the highest thermal conductivity of any engineering material. Does it make any difference during installation? Posted March 3rd, 2015. Wastewater piping: Stainless steel is strong, corrosive resistant, and maintains pressure during its operation. Steel is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Can Stainless Steel Provide Reliable Underground Service? 304 Stainless Steel Pipes Best Price At RELIABLE PIPES & TUBES. jkocis Posts: 3 Joined: Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:06 pm. Call Us - +65 - 6294 3832. It is cheap and appropriate to use in the flange manufacturing industries. TrustSEAL Verified. If replumbing a house where copper pipes corroded (this is more prone to happen in some areas than others due to water chemistry differences) my first instinct at this point would be to use PEX plastic tubing, but for metallic piping I would choose stainless steel over copper even if the price was the same. Galvanized pipe is also suitable for use in sewage plumbing and irrigation systems used in farming. Copper vs. Steel. Stainless Steel – Often used for aesthetic reasons where plumbing is exposed. Case Study - ProMinent: A Fluid Partnership. AISI 316L Stainless Steel Pipe. Despite sharing some attributes, stainless steel and copper have lots of dissimilarities worth looking at. Highly resistant to tarnishing and rusting. SEND EMAIL. Iron – Malleable (ductile) iron is a good choice in industry because it is stronger than copper and plastic but it is rarely used in domestic installations. Hong Hock is leading manufacturer & supplier of stainless steel, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel bar & stainless steel plate in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam & Singapore. The difference in materials is also a reason for the difference in the cost and applications. Exposure to acidic environments can cause corrosion in the internal copper piping. STEEL PRODUCTS; CONCRETE PRODUCTS; BUILDING MATERIALS; INSULATION; PAINTS; TOOLS & SAFETY ; PIPES