The seed is planted in September or October and the stand life is expected to be three years. After the seed crop is harvested, if there is adequate moisture, another hay crop may be harvested, or the stand may be grazed by cattle during the fall. Not just a bit either. Alfalfa seed yields generally average from 150-200 pounds per acre statewide; however, individual yields of 500-1100 pounds per acre have been reported. Sort by: Transition 5.2 HQ Alfalfa (Pre-Inocualated & Coated) $229.00 As ... 390 HyQual Brand Alfalfa (Pre-inoculated & Coated) $179.00 As low as $161.10. Download Now. Produces Good Yields. Seeding rate The most recent alfalfa seeding recommendations for the Upper Midwest suggest that farmers should not be planting less than 10 pounds of PLS per acre to maximize plant establishment and overall yield. Seed 15-20 Pounds per Acre. Latin Name: Medicago sativa Common Names: Lucerne Alfalfa Hardiness Zones: Perennial to zones 2-9, Annual cover crop use Days to Maturity: 60-70 Days Alfalfa Seeding Rate:.5 lb per 1000 sq. This mix is designed to produce large volumes of the most palatable hay. Growing Alfalfa Cover Crop Garden Seeds. 50 lbs. More Tools & Guides. 50 Pound Bag. A seeding rate of 12 to 15 pounds per acre will provide 23 plants per square foot during the first production year, assuming best management strategies were observed. Seed Guide. Qty Add to Cart. ... per page. Seed 11 lbs per acre. ... Alfalfa seed … Landscaping. Top yields (intensive farming) can exceed 40 tons per hectare or 16 tons per acre per year. Hardy in Winter, Reliable and Affordable. It is long-lived and drought resistant. Cost of seed varies; Roundup Ready seed cost at least $5.84 per pound with an additional $3.00 per pound tech fee. Loss Example Assume an average yield of 300 pounds per acre, 65 percent coverage on 100 acres of alfalfa seed, a contract price of $3.00 irrigated, one basic unit, and 100 percent share. Once established, the root structure is vast and deep. Produces Best on Well-Drained Soil. Learn about specs for all our seed vareties . The price he receives under a three-year contract averages about $2.15 per pound for clean seed. In contrast, industry recommendations often exceed those Midwest recommendations, resulting in more than 12 pounds of PLS per acre. Long-lived and Drought Resistant. Garbe anticipates an average yield of more than 1,000 pounds per acre. Product Features: Vernal Alfalfa Seed. The grass and legume mix also makes the stands more resistant and helps swaths to dry. For certified seed not under a seed contract, the price election is $3.00 per pound. You can enrich this article by leaving a comment or photo of … The species are all drought tolerant and combined with any variety of alfalfa tonnage is maximized, while the potential for bloat is minimized. Planting: Most operators plant Roundup Ready alfalfa seed with Brillion seeders 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch deep at 25 pounds of seed per acre. In the University of Minnesota Alfalfa Variety Trials, we seed at 13 pounds per acre, which achieves the needed 23 to 25 plants per square foot in the first production year, maximizing yield. It is also drought resistant. Lucerne (or Alfalfa) is different because it provides a high annual yield of around 14t DM per hectare on its own and without nitrogen fertiliser.