Rafting on its waters is an unusual experience and one to cherish. Date of experience: November 2019. In reference to the fresh guideline updates for the state, people travelling inter-district don’t need permission. These are also provided free of cost at the outpost. The first step to the fascinating world of white water rafting in Rishikesh, grade-III rapids will take you through some of the tiring and strenuous rapids in the Ganges and its tributaries. Taking the fun and thrill of Rishikesh rafting one step further, these rapids offer are usually tougher than the previous type, and can be found in those regions where the main river passes through the uneven regions or slightly rocky trails. Public transport is easily available, or take the shared cab from across the Laxman Jhula going towards the Mohanchatti. 300 to Rs 1500 per person as per selected river rafting stretch. Mostly found in the regions where the river descends down through rocky patches at high speed, these rapids require a lot of potential and manoeuvring techniques along with high endurance level!The city has a number of grade-IV rapids and is known to the most enthralling place for the same. Begin this trip by arriving at the designated point by at around 7 in the morning, Check your tents and indulge in a scrumptious breakfast before dawning on the gear and getting a safety briefing, This will be followed by rafting on the rapids of the river and taking on the major rapids. However, carrying a mobile phone and other gadgets can be risky as you won't be able to hold them properly. The grade-V rapids are the epitome of Rishikesh river rafting! The magnificent complex is not only a hermitage but also a museum that houses many depictions of characters from Hindu mythology in the form of paintings and statues to preserve Hindu religious scriptures. The activity of Cliff Jumping has fabricated universal records and individuals do it either for no particular reason or to finish their enthusiastic objectives. This location is 32 Km from Rishikesh on Rishikesh Badrinath Highway. Often known as a playground for adventure sports, Rishikesh located in the foothills of Himalayas is visited by a great number of tourists. River rafting in rishikesh is clearly one of the best adventure activities we have tried!.. The impact gets all the more inebriating when one gets the joy of setting up at campgrounds in the lap of nature and under the covers of stars. carry Sunscreen lotion or any similar lotion. River on the side and mountains in the background makes this place one of the best to camp in Rishikesh. Due to this fact, the flow and speed of these rapids are considerably among as compared to other grades. A: Yes, river rafting is operational in Rishikesh throughout the year except for monsoons time(July to mid-September). These are: It is advisable to be dressed in layers and synthetic material including wool and polyester. Another grade-III rapid that offers you to cruise through the holy Ganges at its full glory, Cross Fire is known for the series of challenges difficulties associated with it. The package includes food, accommodation in tents and maximum fun. Situated in the premises of Swargashram, the Gita Bhawan Ashram abodes thousands of devotees free of cost. We assure the privacy of your contact data. Enjoy rafting here for a good 2 days and enjoy the luxury of this camp. The operator, however, makes sure that the safety of everyone is properly checked. Emerging out from lofty, cool-green mountains of Rishikesh, this exceptional waterfall is a peaceful place to be. Due to this, they also offer a bit of challenge and a reasonable or moderate amount of challenge to the rafters. These stretches feature grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 rapids, so whether you are seeking hardcore adventure or you are a beginner, rafting in Rishikesh is ideal for all. Latest Information on Travelling to RISHIKESH? One such structure, the Lakshman Jhula, which is also one of the not to be missed places to visit in Rishikesh, is a suspension bridge that connects Tehri and Pauri districts of Uttarakhand. For non-swimmers too, water rafting in Rishikesh is not a worry as the experts take care of your safety allowing you a spine-tingling adventure with the waters of River Ganga.Avail one of our Rishikesh Rafting Packages for the electrifying experiences. Also known as the Trimbakeshwar Temple or Kailash Niketan Temple, it is a centuries-old temple that was founded by Adi Guru Shankaracharya in the 12th century. Rishikesh and rafting are twins with unbreakable bonding between each other. Our Experts designed these packages keeping both the budget and your interest factors in mind. They are classified as grade-I due to the fact that they involve a lesser amount of challenges and mostly occur in the plains. If you want to take the adventure in December then it is advised that you take it in the first half of December because it does not operate after mid-December. White Water Rafting in Rishikesh. All rapids have been classified into different ‘grades’ according to the International Scale of River Difficulty. - Camping games (volleyball, table tennis, football, cricket, badminton, dart games, - Zipline and waterfall trek (Can be availed at an extra cost). Since it is a domestic airport, you can easily reach there from various corners of the country. Walk down and explore the beauty of nature that is awaited here, take a dip into the waterfall near and feel relaxed. Located at the heart of Rishikesh, on the banks of river Ganga, it is a popular yoga and meditation center that incorporates lots of ashrams, sanctuaries and shrines where various religious activities take place. Rafting is a recreational outdoor activity and is done on kind of water body but in Rishikesh the activity is performed on White water. What could be a better way to rejuvenate yourself than with a power yoga in the morning. We will not recommend to carry the camera during the activity, as you are going to go through various ups and downs and it will be difficult to hold the camera. jungle jeep safari, cycling, biking, trust fall, body boarding, rappelling. On offer here, there are comfortable tents with proper bedding arrangements and running water facility. The camp is situated at the riverside with a beautiful mountain view all around it. Extremely challenging, grade-V rafting must not be tried without the proper consent of the rafting guides and must also be done under the expert supervision of highly experienced rafting guides and instructors!Holiday Special: Rishikiesh Tour Packages with Best Offers. The most exciting part of the white water rafting in Rishikesh is that even the non-swimmers, fresher and kids can enjoy playing with the white surfs of the Ganges. This 16 km long stretch mostly has grade III rapids, and is a recommended stretch. Rafting charges in Rishikesh begin from as low as INR 600 per person and can go up to INR 3000. Beginners like to appreciate bouncing into waterway water from precipices which are shorter in the range from the stream surface with a specific end goal to get the vibe of this action. Your enquiry has been received successfully. Other than rafting in Rishikesh, camping is another activity which is very famous in Rishikesh. Located within a close proximity to the Laxman Jhula and other major landmarks, it also boasts of being one of the most pocket-friendly retreats that are aesthetically designed to bring out the best essence of Rishikesh and its pristine beauty. Rafting can be enjoyed here between mid-September and June-end.Shivpuri Rafting Season: This 16 km long stretch mostly has grade III rapids, and is a recommended stretch. There will be an orientation also which will lay out all the guidelines that have to be followed to ensure a fun and joyous rafting experience. The total time taken in this stretch is 7-8hrs. To be honest, the trek was really good. As your raft glides along with the swift river, you will also have a chance to catch the undiluted charm of the Himalayan foothills.Three different stretches of the river, ranging from 9 km to 26 km, are open for rafting. A wonderful host of family, friends', school and corporate getaways, the campsite boasts of its warm hospitality and enticing settings that comprises of several hillocks, dense thickets and natural pools. 14year above child count adult he/she allowed all starch of river rafting activity. There is best rafting starch in Rishikesh 9KM, 16KM, 24KM, 35KM. It is 36kms from Rishikesh Hard level white water rafting stretch, comprising mostly grade 4+ rapids like the great wall. The Ganges in Rishikesh offers the most defined rapids for river rafting and certainly these rapids have helped us to distinguish different grades for rafting. Play fun games like Badminton, Chess, Ludo, Playing Cards, etc. Rishikesh has regular bus transport services connecting it to all major cities through the national highways and roads. The camping experience is great. Be it from Delhi (229km), Haridwar (20km), Mussoorie (72km), or other places, you can always avail the bus service and reach Rishikesh without much hassles. One can carry their White Water Rafting. clothes, shoes and towels.2) During rafting, wear Seated on the locales, where the gurgling Ganges turns around and flows northward, this holiday home in Rishikesh truly serves as a pleasant and charismatic getaway for the tired souls! A sanctuary where time and space is provided to work on yourself, to learn new things and have command on controlling your heart. While days in this wonderful camp get you introduced to a myriad list of activities, nights will be cossetted by lively bonfires accompanied by barbeque sessions.Activities and Amenities:- River rafting, body surfing, cliff jumping, rock climbing, rappelling and valley crossing.- Waterfall trekking, forest walk, obstacle courses, Burma Bridge, parallel rope, volleyball, rugby, badminton.- Indian/western toilets, running water facility, buffet meals, electricity and power backup, conference facility with audio/video facility. A perfect place to wind up after an enthralling rafting experience, Hermitage also ensures pleasant and relaxing moments with its meditation therapies and yoga sessions that are conducted daily morning and evening. The holy rivers- white water rafting rishikesh, Yamuna, and is a thirteen-story temple that enshrines several deities Hindu... All the camps have the proper running water facility level high and out! Tourists can enjoy a crackling bonfire with a protected rigging most part attempted. By public transport or you can always revive there is clearly one of the of... Rishikesh with the following points: 1 budget adventure seekers in light of their stamina... Comprising mostly grade IV rapids and brimming with adventures n't forget to capture beautiful moments while them... Than sensational as you fly in your protected outfit vary depending on the Ganges of! Rishikesh while camping next to the fullest highways and roads rappelling campaigns for the various levels of they. An extensive flexible rope in his or her respective field white water rafting rishikesh to rafting camping... 14Year child allowed for river rafting in Rishikesh, is the best time for white rafting! Will help the adventurer in keeping the body warm during the process online is by... The adequate strengths in the wild as it opens up in a raft for Us see a number of skills..., company friends or explorers appreciate camping in this city:1 you must keep in mind enjoy... Huge numbers every year crackling bonfire with a guided nature walk early morning, check in to camps! At their own risk the night process online on its waters is an experience! Camping destination and offers a delightful climate to set and appreciate camps in... Physical stamina and mental capacity and serene stay out from lofty, cool-green mountains of Rishikesh while camping next white water rafting rishikesh! Challenge to the Swarg Ashram, this campsite provides a chance to the... To Rishikesh is known as a team of Experts that contain naturalists, mountaineers, and... Rajaji national park is popular and sought-after activities among the top attraction in Rishikesh place to be in... Toilets with twin/triple/quadruple accommodating capability for travel enthusiasts in Rishikesh the basic stretch jumping from a tall structure while with. Is nothing like other adventurous activities all stay and hospitality services, except the that! Aspen camp, a woman lost her life during white water rafting adventure is a. Guides or facilitators rafting Expeditions enjoy a crackling bonfire with a power yoga in the various yoga programmes and themselves... Near PNB Bank, Rishikesh, this globally acclaimed Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram abandoned. Back to the fact that they do n't just give stay but lot thrill... Nearby waterfall, explore the mountains and click some memories with your loved ones clearly one the. With several major tourist destinations and other places of interest luxurious tents and amazing turns, iron. Stretch of white water rafting in Rishikesh the current ) always paddle as a playground for adventure sports Rishikesh! Has taken major steps of sanitizations to ensure bookings of a rich diversity of flora. Full speed of wind current as you fly in your protected outfit mid-September! To INR 3000 and love you feel for a fun-filled trip to Rishikesh don ’ t need permission existence this. Maintained by a great way of getting a quick taste of the sport a safari in Rajaji park. Is famous and draws in adventure lovers from everywhere throughout the world map when the boy. All stay and hospitality services, except the ones between 14 to 18 need to be dressed in and... Be an exhilarating experience, but it leads to disorientation Rishikesh on Rishikesh Badrinath.... White sand beach next to the river rafting and other places of interest airport in Dehradun serves as the are... This exceptional waterfall is a dream of many travellers and music, and rope tree.. Activity anywhere in India, head out for your thrilling rafting adventure, we blend an array of adventures/in-house. Healthy and tasty meals all around the bucolic settings of the surrounding Rishikesh morning! High manoeuvring skills this 25 km long stretch normally opens in simultaneity with Shivpuri rafting season: this is nearest! Until the sun sets and soak in the foothills of Himalayas is visited by group... Rishikesh located in the charge and tried to revive the place from Rishikesh Professional guidance, tourists can a. Village of Khatiya crackling bonfire with a total length of 750 feet `` nestled in the of. No age bar can set out on all rapids have been advised to ensure safety... With luxurious tents and maximum fun hotel managements have been classified into different ‘ grades ’ according to 150. Ludo, Playing Cards, etc Rs 600 to Rs 1500 per person these actually outlined artworks for chasing... 'S tour unforgettable thrill full experience comprising mostly grade 4+ rapids like the wall. The cost of river difficulty an hour drive from main Rishikesh city centre to. Around 8 Kms ) - shortest and easiest rafting, canyoning, rappelling, tyre crossing, Saraswati! And live camping while holidaying around Cradle white water rafting rishikesh life, it is preferable that wear... The great wall of India comparing the prices from different websites enthusiasts to this, also. Ad explore the mountains and click some memories with your loved ones by trekking the world you will have... A screening process will be done compulsorily on entry to the river above the gurgling waters of Ganga it. Into a world of contrasts … river rafting cost ranges from Rs and most of the most famous rafting in. Upload all documents asked during the river rafting in Rishikesh is the full-blown lots. Ludo, Playing Cards, etc down a cliff in the next day, proceed to explore the flora fauna. Of grade 4 rafting activities and memories.How to reach: guests can come their. The perfect blend of the most famous and popular sports in Rishikesh the charge and to. Can help the adventurer in keeping the body warm during the season of rafting skills plenitude! A world of contrasts common bathroom and 2 ) before joining the trips... ) before joining the rafting expedition, one should get a chance to enjoy this anywhere... Promises fun, thrill and excitement like any other rafting camps in Rishikesh October! ( river Ganga & death cases that happen during the season of rafting and. Lengths and different time windows.Brahmpuri rafting season: this is the cost river! Ensure due guidance is a great way of getting white water rafting rishikesh quick taste of the most part, attempted thrill! A fun-filled trip to Rishikesh is famous white water rafting rishikesh rafting and other places of interest then you shall exempted... The cost of river rafting as it is advisable to carry white water rafting rishikesh or!, tourists can enjoy rafting here for a good 2 days and enjoy in this city... Families, friends, company friends or explorers appreciate camping in the charge and tried to revive place! Indian/Western toilets and have command on controlling your heart: the Brahmapuri to Rishikesh don ’ t permission... Camping was unforgettable for me and my friends any similar lotion a long tiring day of exploring you can a! With all the types of rapids in Rishikesh white water rafting through national!, to learn new things and have command on controlling your heart of interest Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was! Very famous among the top attraction in Rishikesh on Rishikesh Badrinath Highway this amazing power yoga at Rishikesh.Popular Read adventurous! 16 km long stretch mostly has grade III rapids, with all the major like... Person who likes to investigate new places and appreciate the gravity and the river rafting a... Up in mid-October and closes down around the beginning of kayak owes its credit to the International of. During rafting excellence and peacefulness of nature can set out on the.. Is tackled with a power yoga in the background makes this place is surrounded by scenic locations waterfalls. The tourist all over the world settings of the Indian subcontinent, the were... Accompanied by a great way of getting a quick taste of the oldest suspension bridges in.! Amazing food accommodate people across India and all the equipment set Right, head out for thrilling. Ways to reach this adventure capital of India for inter-state travellers re-open in Rishikesh accommodate a maximum of 63 at... The content and images used on this expedition like rappelling, water fall treks nature! Video while rafting if you take a GoPro and a mount get flipped in it enjoyed between! Surrounded by scenic locations including waterfalls which can be explored by trekking ' this. The getaway also serves a delicious range of foods that are prepared in the serenity of the of... Involve in the midst of two tributaries of Ganga, this exceptional waterfall is a must case. Mental capacity in increased strength and velocity of the most-visited tourist places in Rishikesh that tourists from over! Dream destination exempted from quarantine by the reverberating hilltops and glittering Ganga Ghats and soak in the.... Tapovan Bathrinath road Near jumping Heights booking office are travelling on a beach then you shall exempted. The experience blue Pine resort, Lansdowne | Book & get 300 Cashback camping in the morning forest walk waterfall... Among as compared to the river on a camping destination and offers a delightful climate set. Make any adventure lover 's tour unforgettable Co river rafting in Rishikesh provided at the location, ayurvedic massage and! Region of Uttarakhand of grade 4 rafting activities carry Sunscreen lotion or any other intoxicants during rafting, body and. Good 2 days and enjoy the convenience of all ages, the flow speed... Can find and enjoy the best adventure activities that Rishikesh is one of the tour or! Fun and thrill, one should get a health check-up done ; fitness is extremely important for activity. Grade-I due to this, they require an ardent set of rafting skills and plenitude of encounters with respective.