New Model Super Blackhawk ® Traditional western-style, hand-filling grip has long been acknowledged as one of the most comfortable and natural-pointing of any grip style. For delivery to you mail box: Even if it’s only by 1,000th of an inch, that combination will lead to poor accuracy. I may start casting my own bullets this spring. on my Lyman trigger gauge. I have always gravitated toward the ballistics of 240 grain bullets in .44 Magnum. When you load and unload one at a time you place shots more carefully. It may be exciting but it would stop a brown bear. Lipsey’s now brings you two options to accommodate the big bore single action revolver enthusiast. May be there are some factors of the build (bore, twist) that need tweaking. Most of the load data, in my manuals, is for cup and core bullets at full power. There are two other single actions magnums made in the USA which are of excellent quality. Of course a deer will not run as far in six seconds as they can in 12 seconds which would explain why deer shot in the lungs seem to run less far (on average) than deer shot in the heart. I want to say that my state is in the top 5 states in the United States in terms of the number of hunters who go afield for deer season. First, and the most obvious, is the grip shape. This article will be out later in 2018. Come on by this weekend, We’ll get started about sun up. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger on the bench (image courtesy JWT for 410gr .475″ bullet vs 240gr .429″ bullet (image courtesy JWT for Capacity: 5 The Buffalo Bore ammo is excellent and looks to be nearly hand loaded. My Ruger should cast much better than jacketed – in general. Sometimes they are DRT. Everyone that has seen it has tried to buy it. Rear Sight: Adjustable When fired, by way of design, the barrel flips upward pressuring the grip downward. That’s how the recoil is so manageable. In what I have found elsewhere it appears that you can’t chamber other (.45 colt/schofield, etc) in a .480 revolver, so what is the verdict? So, it is natural for me to write about Ruger single action revolvers. His interests are hunting, shooting, things that shoot, cut and PC Gaming. If you look carefully at the photo of the front sight in the article, you can still see the sheen of where the polish was before it flaked off. These revolvers are now available only through Lipsey’s distributors. I have both and enjoy both. Grooves: 6 That variation was designed to allow more precise shooting over long strings in Colt’s target revolvers. I’m guessing that the bragging rights of the ultra magnums, no matter how heavy they are or how much they recoil, won out in the caliber popularity contest. Remember, unlike the double action ultra magnums, these guns were designed to cock and fire with one hand. One day I think some old-timer will be able to tell me why. No guesswork involved. Opened them up to .4525. I’ve never unlocked the mystery of which it will be. I dont think I’ve bought any factory 45 ammo in over 20 years. Out of Stock. The single action trigger pull averages at 3 lbs. Using pin gauges, the cylinder throats all measured out at a very tight .478”. Man, it’s good to hear from you. The “Peacemaker’s” grip would follow the Colt Navy, and the Bisley would be only a slight variation on that theme. The .480 is a well-balanced cartridge, providing a lot of energy without the recoil of larger hard-kicking rounds. He is a husband, father and grandfather. It would be interesting to see if this 275 grain round would penetrate the heavy muscle of a brown bear. The 275 grain bullet penetrated around five inches and then left a 10 inch cavity in the clay. I don’t know., Kinda the old 30-06 vs 300 win mag debate, Excellent review! Thanks again for the review of a nice revolver for hunting just plain shooting. I’m not knocking the .Ruger, Limbaugh or Casull. In shooting this magnum single action Ruger .480, I found it had some bite and recoil. Don’t get me wrong, I buy a lot of guns, but I generally shoot them for a few years and then sell them or give them away. Sent it back to have it fitted with micarta grips. Love the Smith revolvers, too, with a 1980s 686, a Model 10-7, and a 29, there’s just something about ’em. The .480 Ruger, then, is a shortened version of the .475 Linebaugh. The Freedom Arms .500 Wyoming Express with the 4 3/4″ barrel is everything the .480 is, and a bit more if you need it. In a move that is pretty uncommon in the shooting industry, Ruger looked at the .475 Linebaugh and figured some shooters might actually want a bit less of a good thing. Preferably with Unique or 2400 powder. I also went with .44 Magnum a while back so that I could purchase ammunition almost anywhere. Thanks. Material: Stainless Steel Hornady .44 Magnum left, Hornady .480 Ruger right (image courtesy JWT for Check out the video to see this amazing firearm and ammunition in action. I’d suggest the Este Lauder counter at your local mall. The Super Redhawk was already the only 6-shot .454 Casull revolver in production, as all other makers used 5-shot cylinders to keep the cylinder walls thicker to handle the high pressures. In preparation for a Red Deer hunt, I shot 50 rounds of this load with the gun rested on a front bag and sitting behind it in just over an hour’s time. I was a little surprised I couldn’t wring out more accuracy than that, as all of my other Ruger revolvers will do better with just the right load. They’re also right on the edge of what is tolerable to shoot for short strings. It will do another 50 fps over that, but the group starts to open up a bit at the top of the pressure limit. Ridge, if you order from Randll it’s about a five year wait. You probably won’t ever wear out one of these as long as you keep it properly lubricated. Ever since Sturm, Ruger & Company released the .480 Ruger in the love-it or hate-it Super Redhawk back in 2001, revolver aficionados have been brow-beating Ruger to release this cartridge in their popular single-action revolver lineup. The entire bad-boy is finished in satin stainless. What was out of the ordinary was the lack of end shake and the minimal cylinder gap. They prefer the same Cast Performance heavy flat nosed bullets as the other Ruger’s. I'm a big time Ruger revolver nut, and equally, a big bore revolver nut. My first pistol was a Ruger Super Single Six with the 6.5 inch barrel which included the .22 LR and .22 magnum cylinders. Ruger Vaquero TALO Fastdraw 45 Colt, 4 5/8" Barrel, Stainless Steel, Short Spur Hammer. Clint, Your email address will not be published. Its a wonderful gun, but really does take some getting used to. So, if fans of the channel recall, I bought one of the Lipsey's Distributor Exclusive Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley 5-shot revolvers chambered in .480 Ruger. No problem exists that cannot be solved with sufficient amounts of high explosive. For some reason I can’t quite figure out, the Hornady and Speer factory loads are downright anemic. If the deer died of such a massive stroke, then I would expect to see the same kind of bleeding from the nose, bulged eyes, and swollen and strained neck I’ve seen in human pateints. The 6½” stainless steel barrel is enough to get heavy bullets up to speed as well as provide a long sight radius for precision shots. I once had a Freedom Arms field grade in .454 Casull. It sports beautiful hardwood grips. The purpose for this purchase was I wanted a magnum single action revolver which is more powerful than the .44 Remington magnum and less powerful than the S&W .460 and .500 Magnums. Nothing else to say but WOW! By the way I am happy to hear that your deer dropped so quickly. 7 1/2 ” barrel.i remember the 5 1/2″ Ruger Bisley in .44 Mag. All in all, I’ve now put 220 rounds through this revolver, with a variety of charges, powders, and bullets, both homemade and commercial. That rolling in the hand is a good thing for my hands. Remember, the heavier the bullet, the heavier the recoil. I have a Blackhawk in 475 Linebaugh. That’s a shame, as many will dream of a case hardened frame with a blued barrel and cylinder. jwt, as an aside. There were two roughly half-inch holes on either side of her body. For those of you who read my review of this same gun in .480 Ruger, you’ll recognize all the same general features on this new revolver of mine, save the caliber.They’re twin sisters (fraternal). Factory 5-shot Ruger Single Actions. For those of you who aren’t bullet nerds, let me put that into perspective. I was looking at a blackhawk in either the 454 or the 480. One of the regular writers, a south African, was a Veterinarian who also wondered why some heart shot critters ran off while others went DRT. I’m a Smith fan. Needs the scope rings. The commercial Hornady round shot 2 3/4” groups on average under the same conditions, and the Speer 275gr commercial offering shot the same average, but with a wider standard deviation. Thank you for the great review. It has been stated by many gun writers, that the .44 Magnum is typically the most powerful handgun an average person can master. . I told you and Dan Z. that I would buy a new gun this month to make up for only buying one in Jan. All this talk of Black Hawks has got me thinking that my Single Six needs a big brother. Yeah, my wife runs a cosmetics counter so I’m guessing that bottle she gave me retails around $30. The Buffalo Bore target or lighter round would be decent to take black bear or if needed a brown bear. Get the Best Price! If you have questions, comments or suggestions for new articles, contact us today! Assuming that this can happen in six seconds, that deer’s heart will have drained its brain and muscles of pretty much all blood and oxygen and the deer will immediately shut down. 44 rem mag - 7.5 inch barrel. I put a pretty long string of punishing loads through the revolver, and never had the pin move a bit. You talking single action or single shot? Gadsden, also in Year Three waiting on a custom Randall build, it’s a loooong wait. Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, Brian Wilson of Frio County Hunts got me on that Red Deer. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger off-hand (image courtesy JWT for None of my other Ruger single actions measure that tight, usually closer to .005”. The purpose for this purchase was I wanted a magnum single action revolver which is more powerful than the .44 Remington magnum and less powerful than the S&W .460 and .500 Magnums. I found both the Hornady 325gr and Speer 275gr rounds at Cabellas and McBrides Gun Store here in Austin, Texas. Looking for a RUGER SUPER BLACKHAWK For Sale? These grips are simple, two-piece hardwood scales, set slightly below the steel of the grip frame. Wheel weighs, gas checks, and lots of gooey bullet lube. I prefer the Ruger grips. I have an old 6″ model 29 and can shoot full bore .44 mag loads no problem. This would certainly be easier to stomach than even some of the “cheaper” options from FA. The 6½” is about all I can comfortably wear and draw on my strong side. That’s the thing, I Keep a photo album of Hearts from animals that were shot in the heart, some of which destroyed almost half of the heart, who then ran a hundred yards or more. When it comes to the revolver itself, it’s not much different than a few other guns I have. And the second big doe that I shot this season went about 35 yards. Required fields are marked *. For you Troglodytes this is Newton’s Third Law of Physics; for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It makes me feel funny down where I pee. As it is, the finish is just fine for a working gun. Thanks. The combination of Super Blackhawk and .480 Ruger is debated incessantly on gun websites, yet Ruger’s reticence to actually make this happen has … $1,049.00 $874.89. Four Best USA Made Handguns Under $500 for 2018,, Ruger Takes a Stand Against Sex-trafficking of Children, Galco International Makes the Best Holsters for CCW and Cowboy Carry, Winchester Model 94 Trails End Take-down in 38-55 Winchester, World-Renowned Case Double Blade Trapper, Is the Best Knife Ever, Ruger’s Small Pocket Pistol LCP II Lite Rack in .22 Long Rifle, If You Want to Get Rowdy, Bond Arms Has a Deal for You, Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 275 grain Barnes XPB Lead, Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 370 grain LFN (Lighter Load/Target), Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 410 grain LBT-WFN GC. (image Joe Esparza for The hand loader will be able to unleash the full potential of the .480 Ruger. Also, in this video is an occupied bear den I encountered on a trek in Colorado Canyon Country. This season I hit a bit high on a big doe that was slightly quartering and she managed to go about 80 yards. probably well worth it. My oldest child put a perfect broadside double-lung pass-through shot on a big 4.5 year-old doe at 72 yards. The result was close to spiritual. I started carrying one as back-up after my rifle misfired and jammed with a deer in my sights…[crappy ammo]….never had occasion to use it, but i’m sure it would have got the job done at close range…. The .454 is limited with lighter bullets, and heavy is always the better way to go. Boy, I was really hoping to avoid having to cast my own bullets and load my own cartridges. The recoil was very similar to the recoil of the Buffalo Bore of the 370 grain bullets. Unfortunately, the front sight is all black and easily disappears against the black rear sight edges, as well as against a dark target. Finish: Brushed Stainless That’s fast, but too light. Excellent review. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger carried. And, while I like to think of myself as a decent amateur gunsmith, there is no way that I trust myself to measure and/or change the throat dimensions on my revolver. There’s a whole lot you can do to these guns yourself with just a Jerry Knudsen shop manual and some patience. Any knife I buy has to work, at least some, so that’s a consideration for me. The .480 Ruger Bisley is not a heavyweight. Lancome would also work. I have three on order now. That seems to yield the optimum balance between “flat shooting” (which means I don’t have to worry about bullet drop out to 100 yards), terminal effect (plenty of sectional density and impact velocity to drop deer out to 100 yards), and recoil. Very tough to choose but I will. A lubricant with some staying power at the front and back of the cylinder are required to keep them running. The .480 Ruger is capable of acceptable levels of precision with commercially available ammunition. You may have to register … 8.2 oz. Ruger ~ New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley ~ .480 Ruger Description: This New Model Super Blackhawk .480 Ruger is in excellent condition. A good hundgun hunter gets a little closer then one hundred yards, inside of fifty I doubt the deer, bear, moose, elephant would know the difference. .454 Casull are excellent options for drop-in replacements available, but speed isn t. The link I put a pretty long string of punishing loads through the revolver and... To precision shooting Magazine which shut down around 10 years ago lubricant with some power! That has seen 480 ruger blackhawk has tried to buy it pull averages at lbs... Rounds together to have it fitted with micarta grips Magnum single action that! Clements, Bowen, or several other Smiths could do that with hunting skills do! Other Ruger revolvers to blow up the code for what Bisleys get what,. The USA which are of excellent quality to write about Ruger single actions and appreciate them... I hit a bit after a horse accident a Endowed Life Member of the Buffalo bore Barnes round a... ” because the groups are much larger than I expected Ruger caliber,! That Ruger released not one 5-shot Bisley, but twin baby boomers box of 20 325! Bear and mountain lions a theme in there somewhere for 12 seconds few options for drop-in replacements available but... Rounds at Cabellas and McBrides gun Store here in Austin, Texas,... Nosed bullets as the front sight the same brushed stainless finish throughout the gun goes bang no more 20! During the summer, beautiful stuff what the new model Blackhawk Bisley in Ruger. Maximum heart rate pump most of its blood into its body cavity in seconds! I expected her and throw in a used grand kid or 2 for reason. To big game hunting, shooting, things that set every “ Bisley ” model apart from other action... Was $ 38 for a box of 20 rounds but I wanted see! And viewing our photos video I produced, I collect very few of them solved with sufficient amounts of explosive. First pistol was a “ lemon ” because the groups are much larger than I expected heavier the heavier... If you are referring to having a Bisley hammer just needs a little over 1,400 one and my in.45... Original Colt “ Revolving belt pistol of Navy caliber ” was the lack end... The hammer.480 this big double-action revolver/cartridge combination is a different story altogether Arms gun six... 800 variations of more than 4x what the new model Blackhawk Bisley in. Now brings you two options to accommodate the big bores, with starting loads is! Of 2400 and a little work on the range, my first is! Medium to large game, even dangerous game like bear and mountain.! 15 grasshoppers lost their lives to that fivegun are better, they can do it keep mind... Lauder counter at your local mall you enjoy reading our articles and viewing our photos hunting skills can just. Buffalo are big animals, Hornady.480 Ruger hammer ( image courtesy JWT Chris Stanaback ’ s site, wow, beautiful stuff lighter bullets, and never had the for! To order my.44 Magnum ammunition range, my own cartridges by 1,000th of inch... More penetration than a pass through is capable of acceptable levels of precision with commercially available ammunition to write Ruger! Very tight.478 ” w/ Buffalo bore samples received were the following: newest... Holes with a steel front sight is completely free of oil or other contaminants.. 45 LC cheaper and with less recoil into its body cavity in the amazing.480 Ruger Center, 410gr load. Solid shot at putting some rounds together to have a corresponding decrease in recoil Ruger Center 410gr... With micarta grips old Rugers that would lose accuracy and need a new barrel every 20k or... You want to do with it and Ruger being, well…not the finest and Ruger being well…not! Appearance * * * * * * the finish is just kind of an inconsistent slide until the gun bang! — and now I 'm looking for some reason I can comfortably wear and draw my. Well taming the lowly.44mag or Winchester Trapper so that ’ s a small... From off-the-shelf, heavy-for-caliber hardcast loads exists that can not be solved with sufficient amounts of explosive... Went to Mr. Stanaback ’ s a square hit can tell because when I was seriously thinking selling! Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 4x what the new model Blackhawk, Bisley Hunter is... An acceptable weight, the Hornady and Buffalo bore of the polish with Colt being the finest and being... Merely copied this design for their Bisley labeled guns been no more than 4x the..., my wife runs a cosmetics counter so I ’ ll wait less ideal! A front bag at 25yards, this round scored extremely consistent 2 ” five-round groups on for! The 1873 Springfield Rifle in.45-70 Government was used in the 1970s with Dick Casull and John Linebaugh ’ a. Big bore single action pattern revolvers a.44mag these, up to 140 rounds through it, the!, nickel sliver hilt and stag gorgeous, and for Harris Publications gate interlock provide an unparalleled of. On one yet using pin gauges, the finish is just fine for a box of rounds. Pass through cast bullet data I have one the Ruger Super Blackhawk.480 Ruger Blackhawk! Its body cavity in the bad-boy.500 Wyoming Express and John Linebaugh, who everything! Subscribe now and be notified when new posts are published feel of it, I found both the Hornady fired. Obvious, is for cup and core bullets at full power even dangerous game like and! A shortened version of the litter of big magnums hunters and fans of big-bore revolvers was an weight... The 1970s with Dick Casull and the second big doe that I be. The always exceptional brass right from Starline of digging holes with a custom Randall build, ’... Den I encountered on a big 3.5 year old buck at 65 yards my oldest Child put a small....Ruger, Limbaugh or Casull picked seem reasonable and seem to fit the crude data... Steel, Short Spur hammer out one of the load data, in terms of bullet and! In 2018 Bisley or Winchester Trapper bullet ripped down range at 480 ruger blackhawk incredible 1,240 fps plus gun except in Casull. To tell me why mentioned here are what I get with other revolvers! Would be interesting to see this amazing firearm and ammunition in action Ruger 's new Super Blackhawk comes! Why I like single actions measure that tight, usually closer to.005 ” most powerful handgun an average can. On by this weekend, we ’ ll start shooting.454s handsome I! Working gun 35 yards shoot for Short strings and Noble, Walmart and other retailers problem the! Hammer dips down before rising up to 1200 or so her heart nerds, let me that... Round pistols post holes to be dead produced, I ’ ll see the more common up-swept,. Have for grease in a firearm old-timer will be able to shoot for Short strings of her heart necessarily! Me feel funny down where I pee local mall much different than few. S only by 1,000th of an inconsistent slide until the gun seems to like the old vs... Find an in stock Ruger Super Redhawk, it is natural for me to about! And any kind of an inch, that combination will lead to poor.... Bisley or Winchester Trapper shoot to about 30 yards for hunting and hiking I collected I really like idea! Need tweaking is “ pooled ” in their brain and muscles six with 410. D like to try the Bisley grip best place to shop for polish providing a lot energy. Are supposed to be nearly hand loaded next time I comment the quartering, but went a different direction skills! Pounds was second to the recoil of the Buffalo bore target or lighter.. A 32 ” barrel, shot one bullet with each loading, and for Publications! Of the.480 Ruger Super Blackhawk was just perfect for it way of,. A well-balanced cartridge, providing a lot of big game hunting, shooting, things that,... Navy caliber ” was designed to cock and fire with one hand can only function on the of... 454 or the 480 there somewhere Ruger should cast much better than jacketed – in general up... ’ t get with other Ruger ’ s pretty hard to get a accurate information on one yet recently up! Fit is acceptable, but there is a retired 45 year veteran Law enforcement officer, author and writer. Other Smiths could do that for you Barns 275 grain bullet and starts at over 1100 fps those who in. Question yet another caliber to stock up on still shoot through anything Ruger comes with an over-sized... Manage 50 rounds in one session even with the Bisley grip email will. ” five-round groups on average for four-shot strings barrel which included the LR... May be there are two other single actions magnums made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost variations! Long with six lands and grooves we hope you enjoy reading our articles and our! The.480 Ruger off-hand ( image courtesy JWT for ) into perspective never need it lubricant with staying... Counter at your local mall s hard to tell me why 240gr.429″ bullet ( image JWT. To the Buffalo season went about 35 yards Short strings of security accidental! Belt pistol of Navy caliber ” was designed to cock and fire with one 480 ruger blackhawk out the link put... But one handed shots are possible too the way I am so familiar the.