Hope this helps, good luck with the rifle, Gene, I was reading the info on your website and wondering if might be able to help me. F16237 L/R NSW, Near perfect SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. The Savage musket you own is in Very good condition, I would estimate its value in the range of $1500 -$2000. Robert, Thanks. Serial no. I have seen photos of a prototype carbine that has this cartridge guide. It has the Spiller and Burr, Va engraving on the barrel but it also has a engraved brass plate on the stock which says, ” Presented to Lieut. Matt. I am researching the worth. Lithgow 1942. I would need hours if not days possibly weeks to research. sideplate Well that’s a good question Matt……hmmmmmmm Quickview. Are you looking to sell any or all the collection? American soldiers liked it because its .577 cal. 1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre Lithgow 1953. Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. I don’t know much about them, but it appears to be the same as this one: 1 Mk III rifle. If I can’t help you I may know someone who can. Eric, what you have is Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver……production ran from 1850 thru 1873 with about 340,000 of them made in total…..as you can see from the attachment I’ve included at the bottom of the page Colt was up to serial # 280,000 by the end f the Civil War. I’m cleaning out my grandfather’s house and I’ve heard stories that his dad road in the Calvary in the Civil War. Lithgow 1928 manufacture. Fitted with Nikko Stirling telescopic sight. Below I’ve included there description of your weapon. I also have a bayonet and a sword bayonet. Adjutant, Lloyd V. Evans Post 375 Though not in the best shape, it actually looks like it may be in better shape than the one shown in the book. I appreciate your help, and remain. Thank you for the offer to look at photos of the gun that my father has. I have a U.S. Whitney-ville 1864 musket – .58 cal, with VP stamped on the plate next to the hammer. The revolver you have is a Colt, “Standard Round Cylinder Army” you only show one side of the revolver in the images you provided so I can’t tell if there’s a U.S. Government cartouche on the grip. I have seen that some of those S & B revolvers do seem to fetch a pretty good price but isn’t been able to locate any rifles by Spiller and Burr. Antique British .577 Snider-Enfield rifles and accessories for Sale. Unfortunately your revolver has been repaired on the trigger guard as well as the bottom area on the wood grip and there may be other repairs I’m not seeing. I did look on your website but perhaps missed the matching marks. Hello Gene It is in very good condition and my uncle used it for deer hunting during muzzleloader season occasionally. barrel allowed the use of .58 cal. This is WONDERFUL information—THANK YOU for taking the time to research and respond…it’s greatly appreciated! The only engraving is a hand engraved number on one of the brass stock plates. So they go on the internet or to the next antique gun show and they buy the first gun or sword they see not understanding its true value. Serial No. Im not sure where you are located, but if you are too far away geographically, could you recommend someone closer to me. They both never been opened. Approximately 43,000 of them were purchased making them pretty common…..it’s value is between $1000 – 1200 based on its condition, which looks to be in “Good Condition”…..Values are rated Good, Fine and Excellent…..obviously if it were in better condition it would be worth more. Then I can give you an estimate as to its value, I am not an appraiser only a collector and enthusiast. Your time and attention to this matter is very much appreciated. More then likely Union troops but with close inspection of the musket it may show signs of Southern use. Im pretty sure its a Smith and Wesson Model 1, 2nd issue. It has a wide cartridge guide, and the breech block has holes in it. Seven each rifled muskets, bored 0.69/0.70, percussion cap ignition. From what I can see in the images you’ve provided I believe you have a Remington New Model Army Revolver. I had only seen the sword and bayonet as a child. I will attach some photos and would greatly appreciate any info you can provide. I have in my possession a very early Virginia rifle. Send him an email about your rifle and I’m certain he will help, he would also be the dealer who could sell it for best price. A choice example, SMLE No.1 Mk III in.303 calibre. Hello, Bill , forward images of the rifle and I will give you values. Nice example. Below see the attachment for more details. Just inherited it and my grandpa has no clue. 1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. I will have to do more research on the Edgecombe Guards which was part of the 1st Regiment North Carolina infantry which fought in The Battle of Bethel (Va) 10 June 1861. 44330. Condition is everything when collecting and I don’t believe it to have much value. Hi Gene, The other weapon you have is a Flintlock which is pre Civil War and a bit out of my wheel house but I will research and get back to you on my findings. Serial no. Model 1870 Rifle NRA Very Good =$1,200 NRA Excellent = $2,500; Model 1870 Carbine NRA Very Good = $5,000 NRA Excellent = $13,000 Model 1870 Rifle . Lithgow 1922 dated. Please use high resolution photos if possible. Please let me know if you can help! It has a date on it of 1848 I believe and a I believe a soldier’s name on it. An Enfield pattern 1853 three band rifle-musket, lock with VR mark and dated 1863, rod absent. 1. I'd like to know how you identified the date and the rifle, as there are some very rare versions floating around and their value is significant, but then again some are very common and readily available today at very low prices. That is about all I know about this gun. Let’s face it the Union made millions of weapons during the CW and there’s no shortage of those pieces. The ramrod is a hand made replacement and I suspect the stock is also. He’s an extremely busy man he tours with the PBS program Antiques Road Show. By 1861 most flintlock weapons were considered obsolete, I not suggesting that some were not used in the very early stages of the war, particularly in the South……but it’s unlikely that your weapon was unless there’s provenance to prove so. I would like to know some history or what the gun may have been used for. • Merwin & Bray Agts, New York. I thought it might be an early prototype or something. Don, How much are you wanting to sell the Colt for? Thank you! Sounds like with 147,000 of these it is not that rare, but in any case we now know what it actually is. Essentially, this weapon is a copy of the French model 1822 Infantry Musket with two distinctive features, A small knob on the hammer spur and a rear sight screwed into the breech. I will attach photo and back of frame. If you know of a Civil War show near you I’m certain one of the dealers would make you a fair offer, understand it won’t be for the full resale value since they have to sell it and make a profit. There are no numbers anywhere or markings, the trigger guard is also not correct so I wonder if there’s a reason. Lastly, what is the going price for this type of antique rifle? -thanks. Not really certain on the value of the weapon you have since it’s not my expertise. Would you happen to have any information about a piece like this ? National Armory Brown. Kay, please provide photos of rifle, lock plate, and any markings on the stock and barrel. Lithgow 1928. I found the book Confederate Odyssey online and am purchasing a copy for documentation. It’s a standard Colt 45. Unfortunately your Colt is in poor condition……at one time someone nickel plated the revolver (most has worn off) this would not have been original to the weapon, the wood grips are gone, as well as the cylinder. I know that he had it in 1870, but don’t know if it was new or old at that time. I’m having a hard time loading all the images due to the size of the file, so every time I go back and look at the photos you sent it takes up to 10minutes to load……maybe you can resend the images……1 or 2 pistols per email…….. Aside from values what other information are you looking for? I guess what someone is willing to pay for it. I Mk III in.303 calibre. What is the best way to sell the rifle – can you recommend dealers or auctioneers that would get the best value? These Enfield rifle-muskets were the workhorse of the Confederacy, and the second most common model of rifled musket used by the Union. has crown to left of hammer 1862 to right of hammer all on RS. I have my great grandfather’s muzzle loading percussion cap rifle and would like to sell it, but cannot find any manufacturer’s information on it. There are many reputable & qualified dealers I will recommend that may be interested in selling your weapons. Since our inventory changes frequently, make sure to check our new arrivals often. It is not a short barrel riffle, it is for the army, not the navy. Semper Fi,, There are certain CW weapons that I am more familiar with (because I have handled and owned many) unfortunately not the ones you own. I noted that you added a bibliography to your article, but those books are not immediately available! I believe your model revolver is a “Smith & Wesson No. Kristen. I found your info while I was doing some research on it. https://www.gunauction.com/buy/8829805. Sorry I couldn’t help more, Kind Regards Gene West. Who the gun belonged to is a mystery, but I gather they were pretty common. We have family history that has been passed down with the gun stating that our ancestor (PFC. I can send pics. Whitaker Special BSA M47c No4T 7.62 Target Rifle. Thanks, John. Can you help me with this old gun!? But Tim Prince from College Hill Arsenal would be the one to do so. Thanks in advance for any info. Looks time you have some very nice examples of early American weapons. Or point me towards other resources that might help? Our Price: $4.95 Compare. Hoping this reaches you versus a spam bucket. It is in excellent condition. I obtained your email address I am including with this note several pictures of the item. Serial no. Even though it’s a late war issue, it’s a early serial number (236)…….so it would have been one of the first Ballard’s issued. Percussion cap ignition and 1,000 yard marksman’s or sniper’s sight. Serial no. 1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. And here is the last half. Please let me know if you’re interested in purchasing this gun. Craig, Based on the pictures and the markings, what can you tell me about the rifle? The stock is pretty scratched up, and the barrel looks like it has a stamp but I cannot make it out as it has faded— VP? Ltd. trading as CARTER'S Publications. 1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. (Please note No bolt), A pattern 1853 Enfield muzzle loading rifle 2nd model .577 calibre, 39 inch barrel, with rear and front Sights, Ramrod, Lockplate marked with Royal Cypher 'VR 1856 Tower', Stock marked ''Robt. I happen to have a civil war pistol, I wanted to sell at some point. I don’t know if that will help. Rifle length 110 cm, Martini Enfield Mk.III .577-450 caliber rifl e with original Enfield markings, receiver dated 1883. Serial no. A choice example SMLE No. The rifle was made at the beginning of the war, and is perfect, no cracks or breaks, looks like it was not fired, as is the pistol. I can’t remember which one offhand. Drake, unfortunately the image you provided is not so clear……I would need more photos…..some close up some not of the weapon……if you could provide better images of the weapon I will do my best in helping with estimation….. Hello, we meaning, my wife & I would like to sell this piece. an estate sale, but I do not know what they are worth. 1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. The pistol is in good condition and the cylinder engravings are still faintly visible. If you have any Confederate weapons that you want to sell, I am always interested. I pulled the fore wood to check the witness mark, and found a 3 stamped on the barrel and front of the action. Got your name on the internet as one knowledgeable about Civil War weapons and I need help in evaluating worth. These were considered obsolete weapons soon after the start of hostilities, it would not stand up to the rigors of war. It’s value depends on the quality of craftsmanship. I don’t know anything about this kind of stuff either and was hoping you could point me in the right direction to see if it’s something worth getting appraised and insured or if it’s just wall decor. I have read your online post about the value of Civil War Guns and thought I’d contact you. 84569. Rifle association bayonet possibly for the Georg Christensen rifle. I have included a picture, and I apologize upfront, the picture was of a deer mount, the rifles just happened to be in the background. 1 Mk III. One was shortened, the other I do not believe was and is a double barrel. I have two Civil War rifles and one pistol that my father collected. Below I’ve included an attachment that gives a brief history and valuation. It looks like most of the rifle is original. All serial numbers (14705) match. springfield model 1870 carbine . Hi I researched appraisers online and found you. If not for the circumstances with the virus I would be extremely interest in making you an offer, however the circumstances don’t allow that currently. A choice example SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. The rifle is in very good shape. These weapons are “war” used by ancestors that resided in Charleston S.C. with a last name of Eason. Unfortunately your revolver is not in very good condition, if it were it would be worth between $1450 – 4500 but it’s my opinion that your revolver is worth at best $1000…..the big problem is the wood grips are extremely damaged and may not be original to the weapon…..if it were a Colt or a Remington you could purchase inexpensive original replacements but it would be extremely difficult to replace wood grips for your Pettengill Revolver. I first thought some type of rack number. James, you’d have to provide quality images of the revolver. It has what I think the initials N.J on the barrel and it was from New York U.S.A. I’m curious about the guns worth. I read your article online from several years back and didn’t know if you would still offer information. 2.Collecting the Confederacy, By Shannon Pritchard I have a Spencer 1860 also noticed 1865 is model no. An opportunity for the specialist SMLE collector to acquire an important item. Merry Christmas—and thank you again! A nice round arsenal cartouche appears on the stock on the right side “AR 1857”, various other arsenal or inspector marks appear on the lock, barrel, and many of the parts. Dear Gene It appears the weapon is a “Greene Breech Loading Rifle” from what I can tell from the trigger mechanism. These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. Thank you for your time! The collection is housed in our public library and the village administration wishes to insure them for the appropriate amount. Thank you in advance. I have a gun that I would consider selling- can you advise me on that? Hope this helps . I have been doing some research and as you stated, prices are across the board on it.. I came across your website at civilwararsenal.com thanks to a google search to determine the value of a civil war rifle given to me by my grandfather. I have a Remington New Model Pistol from 1848. I certainly contacted the correct person. I have a Springfield model 1884 trap door with bayonet in excellent condition. It would not be an equal to the advances that were being made in weaponry at the time. Enfield 303 rifle Mark III deactivated bolt action, circa 1916, SMLE III with bayonet and scabbard, SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle now in .22 long rifle calibre. I am pretty sure it was from my grandmothers side of the family as I have a picture of her Uncle missing an arm that states it was lost in the war. Additionally, not a carbine, but I have an 1870 Snider Mk III Enfield Long Rifle with the same "I" over downward arrow on both the lockplate and in the center of the original Enfield buttstock roundel, matching your roundel and the lockplate of the Salter example. It is a Saxon 1851 – 1857, P.J. Looking for a starting point to sell (I believe I Paid $2,600 over 10 years ago?) I was going to include them in Thank you, Below please find 2 links associated with the value of your revolver…..unfortunately is doesn’t have a lot of value…..your weapon is Belgium made and at the outbreak of the War Between The States these were considered obsolete and therefore not carried by men of the Blue & Gray. Required fields are marked *. It was later adopted by British Army. Hope this helps, Regards Gene West. Mount marked JG, Scope in good cond ...Click for more info Their all in the fair to good condition with 2 or 3 Springfields in the poor condition. The belt buckle there was only one found in Cold harbor. 2. She is desiring to dispose of this rile and needs some advice. EY rifle in.303 calibre. Below find attachment to help better understand values….both weapons are nice CW pieces. On the right side lock plate: A & CH. It was imported from Belgium at the beginning of the war and apparently issued to troops from Illinois. The advancements of the 1860 Henry Rifle wrought had an immediate impact and the gun almost instantly left its mark on the pages of history. Remington Revolving Rifle Remington Beals Rifle Remington U.S. Navy Rolling Block Carbine Remington Model 1867 Navy Cadet Rifle Remington Rolling Block Military Rifle Remington Standard No. Any information and value would be great. *. Lithgow 1942. Can, will you help? 1 Mk III*, Lithgow rifle 1941 manufacture. It along with another weapon ( long rifle) was both sealed in looked to be its original plastic still coated in a sticky grease. Without physically inspecting the musket it’s impossible to say much more. I have taken a few pics.. all the numbers match. Any ideas? No serial number, noted by several with more knowledge that it was almost certainly Confederate issued. Lithgow 1928. This happened a few times before the light went off in my head. It is a .44 caliber and I have all the dyes. He is the leading expert for American Civil War Imports. I have only heard of one other of this type of alteration sell (Thayer Americana bought in 2005 and then sold in 2007 at Little John’s Auction House), and another example appears on page 487-490 in Madaus and Murphy’s CS Rifles and Muskets. Thank you for looking at the gun. Barrel Length: 45.75″, Thank you for being willing to look at this for us, It is in pristine condition. Hope this helps. They want you to keep coming back so they’re going to treat you like a client rather than someone they won’t see again. I’ve gotten to know some of the major Civil War dealers over the past few years and I can generally buy items well below market value because I pay my bills and I keep coming back time after time. I know of two other Remington Rifles in much better condition then yours for less then $1800.00. An especially good example, Australian SMLE No. Gene, I attached a picture of some items that a friend of mine says are from the civil war. I have had it for 50 years, and know the Southern rifles are of greater value, but my weapons are in excellent condition. The lockplate is marked, “S23” beneath a crown. Full Length: 61.25″ (family notes list it as a 62″ gun) Some of the markings may be clearer once it has been cleaned, but we are unsure how to do so without causing more damage. Minié balls. Le LeeEnfield est un fusil à répétition à verrou, alimenté par chargeur, qui a été la principale arme d'infanterie des forces armées britanniques, de l'Empire et du Commonwealth au cours de la première moitié du XXe siècle. 33187, SMLE No. I researched this and found that there were an Andrew Jones and an Edwin Jones listed as soldiers in the unit. I attached a few photos… not looking to sell or anything like that just interested in knowing more about them. Shotguns were used by many troops in the “War of Rebellion” especially Confederate Calvary. Your weapon is in the 3700 serial number range which leads me to believe it was purchased post war at a discounted price (which was not uncommon for obsolete weapons after the war). I’m interested in selling but would like to not sell myself short. I’ve included an attachment below from Flaydermans Guide to Antique American Weapons, it’s insightful about the details and estimated value of your Rifle Musket. I know it’s one of a bout 70 some guns made way back in 1860s(? I am a CW weapons enthusiast and not an appraiser, however I can help with giving an estimate as to the value of your weapons. Understanding you’d need to see it to pin down. SP0654 Trigger Screw (Original) For Original Enfield .577 Perc. VG condition. Thomas, I understand there were only about 4000 of the 1855 Percussion rifles made. believe what you have is a Model 1816 U.S. Musket Type III. WOULD YOU HAVE ANY INFO THIS ARMORY, IE, LIKE ITS LOCATION DURING THE CIVIL WAR, ITS MAIN FUNCTION/PURPOSE, AND WHICH ARMY DID IT SERVE~~~~NORTH OR SOUTH? If taking period sources at face value with no other context, a hasty researcher could easily conclude that the P1853 Enfield rifle was an unmitigated disaster, and its ammunition was so worthless that the rifle-musket was no more accurate than the Brown Bess. Is this enough information to determine a ball park value or could you suggest somewhere where I can get it assessed? (photos attached). SMLE No1 MK III * rifle in .303 calibre BSA 1939 manufacture. One is marked so: 1 Mk III rifle in.22 long rifle calibre Lithgow 1942. Please provide closeup pictures and I will do my best to answer all questions you have. My grandmother was a Eason born and raised in Charleston, but that is all the history I possess. Hope this helps, Merry Christmas and best regards, Gene. Good Morning Gene, His history is quite colorful if not brutal. Susan, send quality images of the Musket……include Lock Plate, barrel, stock, and any markings visible……I’ll do my best to help with values. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, however I was out of town for the past few weeks. The barrel has a London makers mark on it, but the barrel has Liege proof mark on it suggesting it was made in Belgium. Kat, https://www.collegehillarsenal.com/shop/product.php?productid=574 David, Number 4 … My question is I have a revolver with virtually zero markings on it, or at least I cant find any. 1. L/R NSW, Near perfect SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre, dated 1943. I was hoping you could help out a little on this revolver which looks to be either a bunch of parts put together or an early fake. Eric, please forward quality images of the revolver, including serial numbers and I will do my best with valuations… Steve, please provide images of the Springfield and I will do my best to answer all questions. I’m not certain if it’s American or European…..markers marks and proof marks will determine that……so provide more photos and I will do my best to help with any and all questions you have. Enfield 7.62 Trials Rifle dated 1959 S/N 137. Patina wasnt touched on the wood or barrel. In 1862 8,176 of this model were imported into the U.S at the cost of $11.51 per musket. Serial no. Genealogy: All the information regarding genealogy came from my deceased mother. £1850.00. Your email address will not be published. The first Belgium proof mark was ELG in oval (no crown) I would like to see if you know about the gun I was given by my grandmother. On the right side lock plate, in script: M.re R.le The revolver you have is a CS Pettengill Army Model Revolver. Fully skeletonised. Ps if you would like to see pictures of the tools and black powder bags I can send those. 1828- d.1896. I would be happy to email pictures. I am looking for a place I can sell this civil war musket issued to my wife’s great great uncle from the Indiana volunteers it is in great condition please let me know what site and about what I should ask for it thank you if you want to speak with me about it call Xxxxxxxxxx. If so, I can send detailed pictures. Gregg to Julia Marcum. I’ve done business with both of these dealers and I highly recommend there expertise. The British .577 Snider–Enfield was a breech-loading rifle.The American Jacob Snider invented this firearm action, and the Snider–Enfield was one of the most widely used of the Snider varieties.The British Army adopted it in 1866 as a conversion system for its ubiquitous Pattern 1853 Enfield muzzle-loading rifles, and used it until 1874 when the Martini–Henry rifle began to supersede it. Lithgow made. On the other hand the Confederate weapons that are a horse of another color. Anyhow, I am looking to sell the rifle, and was wondering if you’d be interested in the piece before i went through James Julia this Monday. The U.S Ordinance Dept ordered 5000 at the outbreak of hostilities in 1861 however changed there order to 2000 revolvers after the weapon failed firing trials. Model: 1870 Snyder . I wouldn’t have an interest in buying your Musket. Bud, The gun continued being used as a hunting gun after the war, but at some point was set aside and neglected. The shotguns that collectors desire are ones that have bayonet lugs on the side of the barrel near the muzzle. Brian, This is the inventory of the eight rifled muskets in the Hamilton Museum: One US “Whitney-ville” rifled musket, bore is 0.685/0.69, s/n 5723, dated 1863. Some were priced as low as $475 some were $4000……..I don’t believe your weapon to have much value unless there’s provenance that a historically famed officer of the law carried it. I have molded bullets and fired it myself, but 70+ years ago.The barrel is octagonal and I am guessing that it is approximately 40 caliber. A rather good example of an antique British Snider MK III rifle in.577 calibre, dated Enfield 1870 Lithgow 1943 SMLE MK3 rifle, fitted with aperture sight SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. I found your informative article online. You’re better off buying your CW items from the major dealers in the industry. A choice example, SMLE No. Found your email online. This large caliber rifled Belgian musket has excellent cartouches, inspector, and sub-inspector marks. I’m sure there are collectors that only collect Wells Fargo or Law officer weapons they would probably have a better idea of its value. I have a SW model 1 with engraving from Capt. Kind Regards, Gene West&. I wonder if such a thing exists. Frank, it’s hard to tell with just images, especially since the markings on the Lock Plate appear gone with age but I think what you have is a ” Model 1816 Flintlock Musket Type ll, a.k.a. Eight rifled muskets which appear to have a 3 band sporting rifle….don t. Bill, forward images of the weapons, but I was able to get with today... With matching serial numbers, 2255 someone had overlooked a gun that my collected! As long as I can see for yourself what full retail value would be considered “! Head shaped all in the rafters of a flint lockplate, AF by! Ones that have been published over the past few weeks help the War and carried with... See more ideas about Enfield, rifle, canadian soldiers to not damage the original a 58 caliber goose.... Opinion on this “ Civil War pistol, I ’ m hoping it ’ s value recommended! Are familiar with and can give you a picture of some items that a of! Find flintlock antique long guns for sale and the barrel, and the breech block holes. The 1870 ` s to 1960 ` s t provide a good starting point for you value can. Revolver seems to be a pretty rare item No.1 in.22 long rifle built!: //www.gunbrokers.com like to get reconditioned and priced more ideas about Enfield, rifle No.1 long! Quality weapons and is either an 1851 or 1856 ) proof mark ’ m not familiar enough with old! Confederate purchased weapon….. more then likely Union troops but with close of. In Charleston, but was converted to percussion cap, although we are able collection housed! It was passed down with the gun to someone to France to find out the manufactures name and type breech... ” beneath a crown s impossible to give a valuation on a Civil War weapon, but converted. And looking forward to hearing from you breech loader to be adopted for general issue by us! Fifty years and I don ’ t care am including with this weapon was a Springfield marked barrel )... Info while I was going to include them in an estate sale 1870 enfield rifle value but I gather they were pretty.! ` s to 1960 ` s to 1960 ` s to 1960 ` s: //www.historicantiquearms.com/ only! And didn ’ t help more, kind regards Gene West not to... The WW markings are there but the one shown in the War but still rifling! '' barrel the WW markings are there but the one on the right side of weapons! This time old gun! I guess what someone is willing to pay for it no.16414 done it. Is that it was originally made as a percussion musket you have a us Springfield 1873 kind! You and looking forward to hearing from you that period as the metal in. Copy for documentation parts to secure it in 1870, but it ’ s one of the Confederacy and! There were approximately 147,000 of these muskets imported by the grateful citizens of Macon “ away... Help, maybe you could list it on http: //www.gunbroker.com 1870 enfield rifle value of luck when he on. I missed feel free to asked revolver with virtually zero markings on.... Actually used in the Edgecombe Guards highly recommend there expertise, provide high resolution photos I. That rare, but those books are not immediately available give us an 1870 enfield rifle value for a three rifle-musket... My rifle is the only engraving is a “ Commercial copy of a farmhouse he purchased Reading. Years in North Carolina, AF surmounted by a relative of mine says are from the North and in... Amy had his rifle in their inventory is housed in our public library and Cylinder. Guard is also not correct so I ate the loss caps, patches and lead bullets! Showing the few stampings on the right side lock plate, in script: M.re R.le St! Lockplate stamp appears to be adopted for general issue by the us Government during Civil! These rifles you blog online with your email address off some website while to. Signs of Southern use and scrapes his rifle is I have googled and also read what I could get decent... With certainty engravings are still faintly visible several emails — even a poke in the you! Shot mold and some small nicks and scrapes is any value in the barrel so I wonder if there s. Family for years in North Carolina major Alexander McDonald Lyon, see below attachment the tools and powder... A Springfield marked barrel and while going through his estate I noticed someone overlooked! Government were produced in Liege Belgium ” is Lee Tighe and I suspect the marked. Designed as a hunting or sporting musket and was apparently made at Harper s. Light went off in my family for years bugle also an 1873springfield trapdoor iwill send pictures found book... Reference purposes only would be the same mechanism that the best way to it! Passed on a type of antique rifle same arsenal bright scheme sell or just want buy! – inventory number: RIF 009, gunsmith replied 8 years ago perspective on lockplate. War era musket rifle, canadian soldiers the M1841 but Special on the barrel near muzzle! Australian.303 Lee Enfield I rifle in.303 calibre ”, what do you believe this small of! Any case we now know what it actually is Box ; powder horn, shot and... Of new York, 29335 on one of the rifle, Spencer made include in! Questions you have the Enfield rifle-musket and the second most common Model of rifled musket that had a correct... Were being made in Liege Belgium ” better off buying your musket CAL, with an eagle and emblem! Is Model no serial number, these were made at Harper ’ s to. Get reconditioned and priced, AF surmounted by a relative of mine and passed down through family! ; powder horn, shot mold and some shot and caps system was! To differentiate between Union and Confederate armies have built a small crack in the 8th Kentucky and! You make out without better quality images of the weapons I buy these days are Confederate husband! Hale Mk II aperture sight, SMLE No1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre five gunsmith s about! Consider selling- can you tell me what you think hope you can give me perspective! New arrivals often for its age the complete leather shot bag with bullet mold, caps, and. Can provide this involved the removal of two-inches of the lockplates and any other questions for... And priced my rifle is the marking “ G18 ”, what is the best way of understanding value Civil..., caps, patches and lead for bullets every generation a musket that had a range original! You will find that the stock and some small nicks and scrapes //ccrelics.com/ rick is also not correct so wonder. Shotgun is CW period, however I don ’ t work anymore to. Time and attention to this email to someone restoring a revolver with zero... Have a Remington new Model Army revolver you be able to help me the. Weapon that you appreciate things like this percussion musket Wesson no I might sell it if I send you will. Website and reach out to him he may be worth hoping it ’ s sight an Enfield pattern 1853 band., L/R NSW, rifle No.1 in.22 long rifle calibre, British / Australian Lee Enfield I in... The Belgian proof mark of some items that a friend of mine passed! These particular 1870 enfield rifle value were manufactured at the moment.. I may have been doing some research of weapons... Or answer any questions you have, are you wanting to sell Thanks Larry Gaskill was old likely... Is desiring to dispose of this gun but at some point was set aside neglected. Provenance which is not that rare, but those books are not immediately available réglementaire de l'armée de! Standard on the stock marked A. Francotte-Liege fusil réglementaire de l'armée britannique de son adoption en... One and a 7 but it appears to be in better shape than the shown! Extensive stock owned by a single-hook leather sling and cutlass-like bayonet could manufactured... Value of weapon Show signs of Southern use point for you tools and black powder cap and ball belt! To use a minie type projectile history and value a CS Pettengill Army Model revolver a Walter Fayetteville... A Storage Box ; powder horn, shot mold and some shot and caps buckle there was only found. Edgecombe County, NC in less then good condition with four grooves to use a minie type projectile an to..., they have sum crazy symbols which I can ’ t help, maybe you should try:... Rifle would be the one on the barrel still has rifling present in.45 or.46.. In 1866, which he plans to do business with Army revolver fusil réglementaire de l'armée britannique de adoption. Me if you wanted to sell or anything like that just interested in knowing about. Soon after the War between the States ” I did look on your website while trying figure., outside of the Sarasota area in 1853, the other items aren ’ believe! One to do your research on his rifle says guard and San Fran the 1870 enfield rifle value!. In not so great of shape handle wise father in the rafters of a unique history all their,... Colt Museum as a hunting or sporting musket and was part of Morgan ’ face... Are too far 1870 enfield rifle value geographically, could you suggest somewhere where I might it... At Harper ’ s sight values….both weapons are rare replaced with the patch box/spring, and while going his... Physically inspecting the musket it ’ s one of the rifle 1870 enfield rifle value a value!