Margaret is the mother of Francis J. O’Donovan ’62 and Patrick T. O’Donovan ’78. Teddy Labuda ’88 died on 5/31/2017. Frank C. Brooks ’80 died January 31, 2016. WE ARE BROTHER RICE HIGH SCHOOL! However, we will be happy to accept obituaries from family members pending proper verification of the death. Richard A. Shirley is the mother of John ’83. Jonas V. Vaznelis ’72 died on 9/26/2016. Dan is the brother of Marty ’72, Tim ’76 and Patrick ’79. John Coghlan ’02 died March 12, 2016. William Daniher, Jr. ’62 died January 14, 2016. Donald is the father of, died on 10/31/18. Rosemarie C. Thauer died on 11/30/18. Joseph is the brother of William J. Ladouceur ’65. January 17, 1937 – December 19, 2020 (age 83) Odell Windsor Rice died Saturday night in the same room where he was born nearly 84 years later—a converted log cabin home in the center of Malad, Idaho. Thomas Michael Jordan ’65 of Bellingham, Washington died on January 21, 2015. Henry is the brother of Larry ’76. “Meg” Rooney died on 5/17/20. Susan is the wife of Rick Leonard ’65, step mother of Rick Leonard ’90, and mother in law of Jacob Rauen ’95. John Arthur Blakely ’61 died on 4/16/18 in Harrison, Ohio. Thomas J. Scanlon ’77 of Des Plaines died on November 22, 2013. John is the brother of Robert J. Avants ’64 and brother in law of Joseph I. Novicki’70. Michael is the brother of John M. Sweeney ’67 and Richard S. Sweeney ’71. John is the father of John ’93 and Matthew ’96. Robert M. Craig ’75 died January, 2016. Dennis M. Dresky ’64 of Bridgeview died on May 3, 2011. John E. Dougherty ’78 of Chicago died on January 25, 2014. Patrick was inducted into the Brother Rice High School Circle of Champions in 2012. He is the father of Dr. Jim Krcik ’86 and Michael Krcik ’89 Thomas is the father of Kenneth Spatz ’85, and grandfather of Robert Stumpe ’06 and Thomas Stumpe ’07. Maureen McIntyre died on March 31, 2015. Michael is the brother of James ’78 and son of the late Jim Cummings, who was a long-time teacher at Brother Rice. He then was a Pharmacist for many years. Robert L. Ertl ’73 died on 7/5/18. Jason D. DiNovella ’90 died on 1/5/18. Gordon Laurencell ’60 of Las Vegas, NV died May 13, 2015. Daniel is the brother of Brother Thomas Collins, current Faculty and Hall of Fame member of Brother Rice High School. He is the brother of Richard Jurgovan ’61. Mary Therese is the mother of Jack ’70, James ’76, and Jerry ’82. Rich is the father of Michael A. Marfise ’85, and also a Brother Rice Alumni Hall of Fame member and a retired, long-time teacher at Brother Rice High School. Madison is the daughter of Scott Angus ‘84 and niece of Tom P. Boyle ’80. Douglas W. Slavin ’74 died on 1/2/19 in Lac du Flambeau, WI. Donna is the mother of Mark ’87. Bernard Schmidt III ’90 died on January 15, 2015. “Meg” Rooney died on 5/17/20. Peter T. Eckroth died on 7/31/2017. Donna Lee Suffern died on 5/5/18. David Maslar ’74 died on 9/7/2017. Kevin Stehney ’66 died on 11/29/20. >Richard E. Marfise died January 9, 2016. Louise M. Clarke died on 11/14/20. Mr. Guinane was the father of Joseph ’89 and William ’98. Joseph’s father, also Joseph Cleary, was one of the founders of the Brother Rice Dads’ Club. Brian J. McClowry ’76 died on 8/20/19. Joseph R. Koncel died on 5/27/19. We also offer funeral pre-planning and carry a wide selection of caskets, vaults, urns and burial containers. Rosemary is the mother of Michael from our Brother Rice Hockey program, and grandmother of Miguel ’06 and Tim ’08. Born Mary Rice in Escondido, CA on November 11, 1960 to Wilbur Rice Jr. and Tom is the brother of Michael ’72 and Terrence ’80. Michael is the uncle of Jim Cranley ’82, Don Cranley ’84, Pat Cranley ’87 and Bill Cranley ’89. Ellisville Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Jim was the brother of Tom ’68 and brother-in-law of Kevin Lavery ’72. Harold J. Steven Killham ’79 died on April 15, 2015 . They were married for 59 years. William B. Cody ’75 died on 7/20/19. Tom is also the uncle of Rick Jr. ’90. Terry is the brother of Lawrence ’60 and first cousin of longtime BR teacher and coach, Jack Hackett ’61. Michael is the brother of Joseph Murdock ’60. James W. McIlvain died on 7/23/18. James is the father of James ’78 and Michael ’84, and grandfather of Timothy ’07 and Kevin ’11. Mary Therese Carter died on 6/21/2017. Walter F. Nied, Jr. died on 6/29/18. Margaret I. (Jay) Marcek ’61 died on 9/17/2016. Jim was born in Chicago, IL on May 14, 1932 to James William Rice and Helen Margaret Lyons. Monica Fudacz died on 6/17/20. Helen is the mother of Bob ’68, Bill ’75, Mike ’84; mother-in-law to Dan Ruberry ’72; grandmother of Marty Ruberry ’80, as well as aunt of numerous Brother Rice grads of the McNally and Ryan families. Catherine is the mother of Alfred ’70 and grandmother of Thomas ’96. Miguel Amesquita died August 3, 2015. Geraldine “Jerry” D. Dite died on 11/29/18. Clyde is the father of Keith ’95, Steve ’01 and grandfather of Christopher Jeleniewski ’10. Stephen V. “Pepper” Kolasa ’75 died 7/22/12. Geraldine A. Burzinski died on 9/22/18. Eileen Kramer died on 4/15/18. Patricia “Pattie” L. Ryan died on 6/20/18. Keith Gorles ’71 died on 7/31/16. Keith is the brother of Kenneth ’63. Molly is the daughter of Brian ’68 and niece of Steven ’71. Visitation will be held on Monday, December 21, 2020, from 1:00 PM until 2:00 p.m. at the Ellisville Funeral Home in Ellisville, Mississippi. Richard Rice December 6, 2020 My youngest brother, and my favorite, passed too soon. Joseph P. Cairo ’62 died on 4/8/20. Francis is the father of Frank ’72, Mike ’80, John ’81, Tom ’86, Brian ’90 and grandfather of Tim ’08, Dan ’10, Jack Leahy ’10, Mike ’12, Luke ’21 and Michael ’23. Saving III ’67 died on 3/20/19. DONALDS — Robert Lee “Bo Hawk” Rice Jr., 65, of 30 Rice Drive, passed away on Sunday, December 13, 2020 at Doctor’s Hospital of Augusta. Joe is the brother of John Geimer ’87 and Bill Geimer ’89 and the brother in law of Mike Fitzmaurice ’76 and Roger Wright ’76. Terrence is also the father of Kyle Bartolini ’13. Gary is the father of Gary Jr. ’91, James ’92 and Greg ’94. Facebook; Twitter; WhatsApp; SMS; Email; Print; Save; John Winfred Roberts, June 10, 1939-November 27, 2020. Joseph T. Devine died on 3/30/20. “Jack” is the father of Jack ’71, Dan ’73 and Rev. Therese Brady died on 6/20/2017 . Daniel B. Cassidy ’70 died on 5/4/16. Share on Facebook. Robert is the brother of Mark Craig ’76. Tom is the father of T.J. ’07, Mike ’08 and Jon ’09. Daniel is the brother of Norman ’63 and William ’76. Jennifer is the wife of Dr. Lawrence J. Lenz ’76. David J. Masino, Sr. ’65 died on 11/14/20. Andrew L. Knoell of Blue Island died on 10/20/14. Anthony “Tony” Nichols of Marshallville, OH died on November 26, 2014. Darlene is the mother of John Mathius ’01. Dominic F. Nicorata died on May 8, 2016. Kevin Raymond Galik ’70 died on 1/24/2016. George is the father of Brian ’92 and Kevin ’98. Miguel is the grandfather of Miguel Amesquita ’06 and Timothy Amesquita ’08. Jennifer I. Lenz died on 11/14/18. He was preceded in death by a brother, Ronnie Rice. David A. MacIntyre died on 1/12/19. HENDERSON — Nellie Solomon Rice, 82, of Vance County passed away on Nov. 24, 2020, at Maria Parham Health. Russell Guerin ’73 died on August 6, 2015. James E. Fleming ’61 on 1/25/18. Low 43F. Thomas Francis Brankin III ’85 died on 9/1/20. Martin Auz ’66 passed away on 2/23/17. Mike is the son of Mike ’70. Michael E. Collins ’61 died on 7/11/17. Thomas A. Manning ’60 died on 11/19/20. Elizabeth Flatley died on 12/28/2016. Brother Rice quarterback Jake Coulter spent a lot of time trying to evade Chelsea defenders as the Warriors fell 23-0 in the Division 3 District Finals Friday, Nov. 13, 2020 in Chelsea, Michigan. Jean is the mother of Luke T. O’Toole ’77 and Mark J. O’Toole ’79. December 21, 2020. Michael is the father of, , and faithful brother-in-law and friend to, Louis G. Adduce died on 6/18/16. Britain - or Brit as most knew him - was born to Stella South Webb and Samuel Edmond Webb on July 21, 1928, on the family farm near Clyde, Texas. Michael James Flatley Sr. died on March 13, 2015. Albert R. Busin died on 5/2/19. “Jerry” is the mother of Robert ’63 and James ’64. Thomas is the brother of Timothy Bangs ’79. Robert is the father of Dennis M. Kollpainter ’96 and Kevin M. Kollpainter ’00. Mildred is the mother of Thomas ’66 (Kenwood Liquors) and mother-in-law of Tim Dixon ‘66. Thomas is the uncle of Christopher M. Steinemann ’86. James J. Ariel ’14 died on 4/27/19. Michael “Mick” Flak ’64 of Englewood, CO died on July 8, 2012. Dr. James E. Changus ‘61 died on February 18, 2014. Robert N. Jones, Sr. died on 8/28/19. Philip Reynolds ’68 died 3/9/2017. Sean was a kind, compassionate and brilliant man. Nora E. McSweeney died on 5/3/19. “Dick” Eber died on December 25, 2014. John is the brother of Jim ’63 and Tim ’73. Ann Ahern died September 27, 2015. Frederick W. Giltmier ‘61 passed away on August 24, 2017. Carl J. Sterk died on 4/21/2017. Mark S. Baker ’68 died on 4/3/19. She was preceded in death by a granddaughter, Sharon Ann Yasutis, and a brother, Frank E. Rice, and a half-sister, Grace Book, both of Blain. Trish is the wife of Jack ’70, loving mother of Kevin ’98, Brian ’01, Brendan ’03, mother-in-law of Jake (Kathleen) Geary ’06, and sister-in-law of James ’76 and Jerry ’82. Eileen A. Amedio died on 12/1/20. She David is the father of David O’Keeffe ’82 and grandfather of David ’19. Trudy is the mother of Kenneth ’64 and Richard ’66. Michael is the brother of Steven Freeman ’79, David Freeman ’80 and Daniel Freeman ’86. Brian Flaherty ’73 and Tom Duggan ’77. Michael F. Fitzpatrick ’66 died March 4, 2016. John is the brother of Don McClain ’70, Tom McClain ’72, Jim McClain ’74and Pat McClain ’76. Brendan McNicholas ’11 died September 10, 2015. Ryan Elwood died September 8, 2015. Michael C. “Mickey” Antonelli ’65 died March 1, 2013. John N. Jesse ’69 died October 31, 2000. Covington, GA Elizabeth Farrell Cromer (Missy) was born 7 January 1944, in West Point, New York. For over 60 years, Brother Rice High School has fostered a community of faith where young men are accepted, recognized, valued and challenged to grow. Richard M. Finger died in 12/2018. Jack is the brother of the late, The Standard: NFL COVID-Filled 2020 Season, The Standard: Giving Tuesday 2020: A Great Success. Bobby Barton Rice, 87, of Ellisville passed away Friday, Dec. 18, 2020 at Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg. Charles McDermott died on 4/21/19. William Noonan died on 11/7/20. Robert G. McDonough died March, 2016. Lawrence E. Himmel ’64 of San Diego, CA died on November 5, 2014. Vincent J. Gavin ’60 died on 11/9/216. Online guestbook may be signed at, Kentucky school district gives out 700k meals to feed families through the holiday break. She Mary C. Richards died on 3/8/18. Paul T. Maier MD ’63 of West Lafayette, IN died on March 30, 2014. Patrick is the brother in law of Pat Condon ’66 and Bob Clasby ’69. Margaret Ann Bruckner died 11/2018. Stephen A. Ladd ’65 died on 2/15/2017. Eileen was also the mother-in-law of John Sheerin ’79. Mary O’Gorman died 11/30/15. Michael J. Coffey died on 8/20/18. Terrence P. Hackett ’69 died on 8/12/19. Brian is the brother of Tom ’68 and Sean ’78. Rich “Spike” Siegel died on 6/27/20. John T. Meuris died on 2/2/2017. Obituary of Hugh J. Stanley R. Tokarz ’63 of Beavercreek, OH died on April 11, 2014. Brian E. Niechwicj ’69 died March 19, 2015. Bernard O’Reilly died December 21, 2015. Jodie was predeceased by her brother, Adam Rice; and Zander’s father, Edwin Perry. Joseph was a member of the Brother Rice Dads’ Club. From academic accomplishments and athletic results, to new Brother Rice gear and alumni news, there’s a blog or social channel just for you! Preceded in death by wife, Diana; parents, Robert and Carol Rice; brother, Robbie… William Mossuto ’68 died on February 18, 2010. Dr. Allan J. Paul ’69 died on 2/12/2017. Ives. Mille Cronin died on 8/23/19. John Dunne ’64 died November 17, 2015. Eileen is the mother of Robert ’93. Francis M. Lynch ’74 died on 6/11/2015. Mathew Bresnahan ’85 died on 1/20/20. Gayle is the wife of Greg ’64 and mother of Gregory ’89. James F. Hickey ’65 of Oak Lawn died on November 11, 2012. Thomas J. Coughlin, Jr. died on April 3, 2016. Inviting young men to be exceptional is challenging them to pursue their dreams. Alumni Dads’ Club. Gregory Nicholas “Nick” Mader ‘65 died on November 13th, 2008. Find the obituary of Bobby “Bob” Barton Rice (1933 - 2020) from Ellisville, MS. Leave your condolences to the family on this memorial page or send flowers to show you care. RICE, Jacqueline Deuell, 59, of Henrico County, went to be with our Lord and Savior on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Rich Ralphson ’68 passed away Feb. 20, 2015. Michael is the father of Patrick “Liam” Murphy ’80. Dr. Paul is the brother of Richard ’62, Leo ’77 and Robert ’81. John is the father of Michael ’80 and James ’87. Tom grew up in Rice’s Crossing, graduated from Taylor High School in 1949 and then served in the Army. Joseph Roberts, known by “John” to his family and friends, was born at home on … Brother Gregory Lindeman died on 9/30/17. Arthur S. Mitchell died on 1/14/19. Michael J. Murphy died on 2/4/18. Thomas C. Ziroli died on 5/8/19. Submit. “Bernie” Hincks ’74 died on 4/14/20.Bernie is the brother of Kevin ’79 and Patrick ’82. Geraldine is the mother of  Russ Custer ’67, Tom Custer ’70, and Dr. Tim Custer ’74. Clayborn Walton, Jr. ’87 died September 19, 2015. Steve A. Juan is the father of Juan Santiago, Jr. ’05. Rich is the brother of Dan Ralphson ’70 and Chuck Ralphson ’79. John O’Brien ’70 died on 6/27/2017. George is the father of Mark ’75 and Paul ’77 Denise Murray died on April 14, 2015. Manuel J. John is the father of John ’80. Michael Murdock ’70 died on April 6, 2015. Edward is the father of Mark ’76 and the grandfather of Michael ’08. Staying informed and connected with Brother Rice has never been easier. Tom is also the uncle of Rick Jr. ’90. Mick is the brother of John M. Flak ’60 and Robert S. Flak ’65. Dolores is the mother of William “Bud” Stalker ’64 and Robert Stalker ’69, mother in law of Gerald Lavery ’64 and Carl Courtright ’74, and grandmother of William Stalker ’89, Michael Stalker ’91, Brian Stalker ’93, Gerald Lavery ’00, Carl Courtright ’02, Todd Courtright ’04, Dustin Courtright ’08and Sidney Stalker ’08. Robert J. O’Mara ’76 died on 3/27/19. Phillip is the brother of Peter F. Szujewski ’67 and Henry I. Szujewski ’70. Brendan is the son of Timothy McNicholas ’83 and brother of Nolan McNicholas ’13. “Jim” Rice, age 73, of Lake Ozark, Missouri passed away Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at Lake Regional Health System in Osage Beach, Missouri. Jacqueline is the mother of David ’78. William M. Mitchell ‘85, passed away March 20, 2011. John J. Sam is the father of Samuel Cari ’68 and the late Scott Cari ’80. Michael Freeman ’76 died in June, 2015. William Gierhan, father of William (Bill) Gierhahn ’83 died on 11/24/2016 Francis Junior (Frank) Rice Francis Junior (Frank) Rice, 93, of Fairbury, died Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at the Fairbury hospital. Brother Lucas is the brother of Martin Lucas ’61, David Lucas ’70 and Joseph Lucas ’73, and taught and coached basketball at many Christian Brothers High Schools throughout the North American Province, including Brother Rice High School. Rice, Sean Jerome Born May 6, 1952 to James and Jill Rice, the second of their eight children. Thomas M. Sullivan ’76 died on 10/18/20. Bette Petrick died on 5/4/2017. Patrick E. Maloney ’63 died on 3/22/20. Denise is the wife of Steve Murray ’69 and brother in law of James Murray ’62, the late Thomas Murray ’66 and Michael Murray ’75. Joseph P. Cleary ’60 died on May 20, 2016. Marion E. Boyle died on 8/7/18. Robert Emmett Nolan ’66 died on 8/12/19. David F. Sty ’65 of Wayne, NE died August 18, 2015. Marilyn T. Meneses died on 3/20/18. “Manny” Rey of Chicago died on March 13, 2014. Eileen P. Barry died on 1/16/2017. Elizabeth T. Hacker died on 2/3/18. Patrick J. Moran died on October 27, 2014. Susan Leonard died on March 21, 2015. Martin A. Passolano ’70 died on 1/2/19. James “Jake” Earley died on June 6, 2015. Britain - or Brit as most knew him - was born to Stella South Webb and Samuel Edmond Webb on July 21, 1928, on the family farm near Clyde, Texas. Geraldine Custer-Flessor died in January of 2016. KY: SCHOOL DISTRICT HANDS OUT 700K HOLIDAY MEALS, Hattiesburg’s Parks & Recreation hosts free low impact aerobics class Wednesdays, Hattiesburg’s Parks & Recreation hosts a free Jewelry Class each Thursday, How To Watch King George VI Chase Live 2020 Online, Special Service to recognize and honor Rev. William E. Doherty ’66 died on 32/27/2017. Raymond is the father of Ray ’77. Mr. Phillip A. Szujewski ’66 died on October 30, 2007. Howard is the brother of John ’62. Clarence E. Ellison ’60 died in 8/14/2015. Catherine Ryan died on February 18, 2014. Patrick J. Altman ’94 died on October 4, 2011. James M. Arnold ’66 died on June 3, 2014. Donald is the father of Patrick ’91 and the grandfather of Gabriel ’23. Antoinette is the mother of Richard ’84 and Ron ’88. Elizabeth is the mother of Kirk ’65, Robert ’68, and Michael ’73. Don’t Fear Death, Fear Life Unlived. (this notice was just received) Donald is the father of Donald Jr. ’65, Thomas ’70, James ’72, Robert ’73, Philip ’76, John ’77, and Timothy ’79. Jack is the father of John J. Altman ’89 and the late Patrick J. Altman ’94, and father in law of Matthew Busin ’91. Robert J. Cronin, Jr. ’64 of Westmont died February, 2011. William is the brother of James F. Mitchell ’73, John H. Mitchell ’75 and Mark M. Mitchell ‘76. Raymond is the brother of the late Dennis Aspan ’63. Written by Obituaries. Mary Eileen is the mother of James ’66 and John ’70. Thomas is also a 2007 Alumni Man of the Year and a founding member of the Brendan Murrihy Golf Outing, established in 1994, which provides much needed tuition assistance, primarily for boys attending Brother Rice High School. Vincent A. Sondej ’71 of Montpelier, Vermont died on February 1, 2015. Marcella M. Sullivan died 2/21/2017. William is the brother of James F. Mitchell ’73, John H. Mitchell ’75 and Mark M. Mitchell ‘76. Sheila is the wife of BRHS board member and alum, Terry Gallagher ’76 and sister of Tom McClowry ’68, the late Brian McClowry ’76 and Sean McClowry ’78. She was preceded in death by a granddaughter, Sharon Ann Yasutis, and a brother, Frank E. Rice, and a half-sister, Grace Book, both of Blain. Leslie M. Miller ’67 died on 4/22/19. Albert is the father of Michael ’87 and Matthew ’91. Stephen T. McInerney ’78 died on 4/14/2017. However, we will be happy to accept obituaries from family members pending proper verification of the death. John “Jack” Altman ’63 of Orland Park died on July 28, 2014. Michael is the brother of Edward J. Coyne ’69 and the brother in law of Joseph P. Miller ’74. Richard D. Laciak ’86 died November 17, 2014. Jean Sloan died on May 10, 2015. Joan is the mother of Steve ’77, Chris ’79, Mark ’82, and grandmother of Matthew ’16. Mary Jeanne Byrnes died on 9/30/18. The Brother Rice players held hands, circling around Jennifer, Gregory and his sister Lauren, and they all prayed. Brother Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills was one of three schools in Oakland County named a 2020 National Blue Ribbon School. John C. Farrell died on 9/24/18. Ariel was born in Ogema to Oscar and Emma (Carlson) Lofquist on July 26, 1919. Louis Meneses Jr. ’77 died on 8/7/20. John is the brother of Ryan Cypser ’96. Francis J. Murphy died on 12/4/18. Thomas P. Kelly ’61 died on 1/27/2017. Martin is the brother of John Joyce ’84 and brother-in-law of Dennis Pettke ’71. Robert is the father of Robert McShane ’71, William McShane ’77 and Brother Rice Vice President Michael P. McShane ’87 and the grandfather of Michael J. McShane ’18. He was born on January 29, 1927 to John William and Fleeta Her Joan Klutcharch died on 5/18/19. Phil Bakes ’64 died on 8/3/16. Dearest cousin and niece to many Rubey’s, McShane’s, Fetzer’s and Duffy’s. Obituaries for December 17, 2020. Mark is the brother of Thomas ’67 and James ’71. Find the obituary of Constance Rice (2019) from Cumberland, RI. Maria Guadalupe Lopez died on 12/4/20. Home; Testimonials; About; Blog; Services; Help; Obituary Search; Create Obituary; Sign In; Search 46,602 obituaries worldwide Search. Russell G. Borrelli ’64 of Lafayette, IN died on January 13, 2010. RICE, Jacqueline Deuell, 59, of Henrico County, went to be with our Lord and Savior on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Mary J. Adduce died on 11/6/20. Low 43F. Denise Miarecki Stillman died on 11/7/18. Patrick is the father of Edward J. Moran ’74. Br. Dick is the father of Edward M. Eber ’76 , Michael J. Eber ’77 and Dr. Richard J. Eber ’80 , and the grandfather of Ryan C. Eber ’06 and Richard J. Eber ’08 . William A. Dolehide ’79 died on 3/8/18. I am reading a poem that I want to dedicate to you, John, here is the first part, by Dylan Thomas: "Do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rage at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light." Irene Orchowski died on 1/5/18. Br. Evelyn is the mother of James ’70. Eleanor is the mother of, died on 8/20/18. John J. Dennis M. Driscoll ’69 died on 4/27/2017. Margaret P. Cavallone died in July 2018. Edward is the father of Brother Rice Staff Member Mary Beth Jantz, Michael E. Brown ’80 and Daniel C. Brown ’82, father-in-law of Edmund J. Jantz ’78 and grandfather of Edmund R. Jantz ’06, Brendan W. Brown ’13 and Matthew G. Brown ’14. Robert Rice of Crescent City, California, passed away in his sleep at Royale Gardens Heath and Rehabilitation Center, Grants Pass, Oregon, Sunday night October Joe Perrino ’71, Home Run Inn, CEO died on 7/19/18. Survivors include his wife of 62 years Charlotte Bush Rice; brother; Paul (Pat) Rice of Santa Maria California; sister- in- law; Carolyn Turner; two nieces; Lynne (Tim) Smith and Jan (John) Hughes. Dr. Hilary Neybert ’64 passed away on 7/29/16. Thomas A. Prendergast ’67 died on 3/3/19. Bob Schablaske ‘72 and longtime teacher and coach at Leo High School died on 1/30/19. William is the father of William ’88 and Matthew ’90. Alan Brosseau ’71 died on May 29, 2014. Robert is the brother of William J. Bablitz ’78. Michael Angelo Santiago of Chicago died on January 8, 2013. Catherine A. James Klabacha ’65 died on July 7, 2014. Jean Gallagher died on March 18, 2014. She was a member of the First Baptist Church of Wedowee and owned and operated The Hub Restaurant and Bakery in Wedowee for 35 years. Andrew A. Anifer ’60 died April 6, 2015. Robert T. Dorgan ’66 died on April 14, 2012. “Jack”; Haberkorn died on 5/1/18. Get a Free Quote. George T. Quebbeman died on 7/18/18. Antoinette Demes died on April 7, 2016. He was a Co-founder, Past Director and Past President of the Brother Rice High School Alumni Association. Richard “Ricky” D. Palmer III ’09 died on 10/17/20. Coach Neil Tuomi said a plethora of injuries made for a less than ideal season for the Maples. Ruth Cogler died on 12/7/18. James is also the grandfather of Daniel ’07. Gayle Yore died on 8/22/18. Dr. Gallagher is the father in law of  Hon. Mac’s first mission was to Brother Rice High School in Chicago where he taught from 1962-1967. Winds light and variable. A Wedowee native, Mrs. Rice was born April 3, 1934, the daughter of James H. and Lexa Pool Hurley. Michael Blough ’03 died on April 6, 2015. Will is the father of Willard Kellogg ’77, John Kellogg ’78 and Kevin Kellogg ’81, father in law of Ed Moran ’74 and grandfather of Ryan Kellogg ’18. Monica is the wife of Joe ’74 and the mother of Ed ’99 and David ’05. All Obituaries - Price Brothers Funeral Home offers a variety of funeral services, from traditional funerals to competitively priced cremations, serving Elizaville, KY and the surrounding communities. Nora is the mother of Daniel (Kathleen) McSweeney ’86, mother-in-law of Patrick (Noreen) Hosty ’88, and grandmother of Patrick Hosty ’15 and Brendan Hosty ’18. Gregory is the father of Sean S. Castle ’04, Kevin T. Castle ’05 and Michael P. Castle ’07, uncle of  Daniel T. Liston ’01 and Timothy R. Liston ’04 and brother in law of Brother Rice High School employee Therese Liston.< Carolyn Rice Stiwinter. Michael J. David D. Sarther ’94 died on 7/5/2012. You have permission to edit this article. James Billish died on 6/3/2017. George Rice, whose legal career centered on the nonprofit health care industry, was a man dedicated to serving others, and a driving force behind the development of a … William Donovan ’69 died on May 30, 2015. Nick Markulin died on 10/25/20. Douglas Alexander, Jr. ’83 died on 12/4/17. Raymond E. Ramirez ’03 died on 2/8/19. Stanley L. Fazy, Korean War Army Veteran, former Brother Rice Dads’ Club Officer and loving husband to Betty for 69 years died on 12/10/19. Sam E. Cari died on 12/28/2016. Leo J. Novosel died on 6/18/16. Joanne is the grandmother of Thomas ’05. Joe is the father of Michael ’80, the late Robert Andrew ’81, and the late George Edward ’85. Desmond is the father of Desmond, Jr. ’85, Michael ’87, Fr. Mary is the mother of John McKinney ’82 and mother-in-law of Mark Donahue ’74. Patrick Joseph Flynn ’67 died on 9/18/18. Alan Filan of Orland Park died on January 21, 2014. Judith O’Grady died on June 30, 2015. Daniel H. Derby ’65 died on 4/23/18. Sean Hannigan ’89 died on 5/26/20. She was the daughter of Ronald Rice and Kathryn Barnett Rice, both of Owensboro. Robert O’Malley died on June 24, 2014. Elizabeth is the mother of Michael Flatley ’77. John attended Brother Rice High School in its inaugural class where he excelled in athletics, was class president and scored the first touchdown in school history. Richard “Dick” Stillman died on March 15, 2015. Robert is the brother of Mike ’69. He died peacefully on December 9, 2020. Donna Mae Budvitas died on February 24, 2011. Kay Louise Dahlgren Age 72, of Rice Lake, WI left to be with the Lord to a better place on December 5, 2020 at Heritage Lakeside in Rice Lake. Bobby "Bob" Barton Rice, 87, of Ellisville, Mississippi, passed away Friday December 18, 2020, at Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Thomas Murrihy of Evergreen Park died August, 2014. Sandra A. Mitchell died 5/20/18. Former member of the Brother Rice Mothers’ Club. Patrick is the father of Patrick ’72 and Thomas ’75. John C. Cypser ’91 died on May 13, 2015. John C. Mallon died of Orland Park died on May 19, 2014. John is the brother of the late Paul J. Paha ’66 and Joseph A. Paha ’72. Eileen is a member of the Brother Rice High School Hall of Fame, and is the mother of Brian N. Barkowski ’95 and Michael E. Barkowski ’03. Sean was a … Stephen is the brother of Daniel ’85 and Thomas ’86. Roland Wayne Swintek ’72 died on 12/9/20. Maureen is the mother of Tom ’86 and sister of  Mike Phelan ’65. John Hybl ’63 died on 4/29/16.< A memorial service is planned for June 22, 2019 at St. Michael’s Church in Chicago. Rita Jean is the mother of Brian ’88. Joseph is the father of Joseph P. Cariola ’83 and Peter R. Cariola ’88. He is also the grandfather of Robert Anthony ’15 and George Michael ’15. Ryan is the brother of Tim ’02. Mary Jeanne is the mother of Francis A. Prostitute Guilty of Murder in Brother Rice Teacher's Stabbing Death - Orland Park, IL - Alisha Walker, 22, claimed Al Filan attacked first and that she … Robert M. Kollpainter died on January 4, 2012. Ronald is the brother of Robert P. Sauser ’74. Dr. Edward M .Wydra died on 9/29/19. Edward is the father of Edward ’75 and John ’79. Rosina is the mother of Charles ’75. John Patrick Cooke died on 12/28/18. and served as moderator of both the football and volleyball teams. Bob is the son of John M. Galloway ’69. Bull ’65 died December 4, 2002. He was born Saturday, September 2, 1933, in Charleston, Arkansas. Michael is the brother of George Blough ’05. Anthony C. Massaro died on 5/6/19. James is the father of Jim Earley, Jr. ’76 and the grandfather of Marc McClory ’13 and Sean McClory ’18. Willard C. Kellogg died December 12, 2015. Evelyn is the mother of Jim McIlvain ’78 and Michael McIlvain ’84. Tom is the brother of Donald ’73 and David ’83. “Jim” Rice, age 73, of Lake Ozark, Missouri passed away Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at Lake Regional Health System … Ron is the brother of John ’64, Robert ’67, Ray ’69, Gerald ’71 and Mark ’76. Michael is the brother of the late Thomas P. Fitzpatrick ’62 and Peter F. Fitzpatrick ’69, and the uncle of Peter F. Fitzpatrick ’92 and James R. Fitzpatrick ’94. Ruth is the mother-in-law of Steven Rosenbaum, Sr. ’74 and grandmother of Steve Jr. ’08. John “Jack” T. Lewandowski ’71 died on 3/20/18. Anthony E. Willner died on 11/29/20. Mary is the mother of Patrick O’Gorman ’84. William is the brother of Edward Johnson ’73 and Tom Johnson ’78, and uncle of David Johnson ’09. Robert is the brother of James P. Heenan ’72. Gary Regalado, Sr. died on 8/1/20. Joseph is the father of Joseph R. ’86. Frank is the brother of Michael Lynch ’77 and Kevin Lynch ’81. Ann is the mother of Ed ’81, John ’84 and mother-in-law of Ed Leu ’82. Anthony is the father of Anthony, Jr. ’71 and Michael ’86. Thomas D. Pifko ’06 died on 11/22/2016. Thomas P. Carlson ’82 died on 4/14/2017. Michael P. Sweeney ’68 died March 1, 2016. John was a loving Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Papa, Uncle, and Friend . David Michael Tieman ’09 died on 1/24/19. Evelyn Lorraine Konrath died on 12/3/20. Brother Rice is exceptional at preparing students for a postsecondary education and beyond. Brother Rice defeated Warren-Mott in a non-league basketball game. Martin in the brother of former Brother Rice faculty member Dennis L. Duffy ’64. Timothy J. Mitchell ’83 died on December 3, 2014. Thomas is the father of Jeffrey ’87 and father-in-law of James Stepanek ’73. Jo Ann is the mother of Raymond T. Lavery ’77 Marion is the mother of Thomas ’69 and Michael ’73. , long-time Basketball coach Pat Richardson Steve Jr. ’ 74, Tim ’ 08 and Jon ’.! On 7/27/17 TN died on 1/30/19 died July 6, 2015 Patrick McAuliffe ’.... Generally clear 87, Michael ’ 75 and Mark M. Mitchell ’ 75, James ’ 71 on! P. Conlisk ’ 16 and brother J. Coyne ’ 64 Joe and Esther Henley Rice in ’... Terrence is also the grandmother of Tim Dixon ‘ 66 and James ’ 80 and David ‘ 89 Walton. Rice graduates Henley Rice Adduce died on 11/14/20 Paul B. O ’ Malley ’ 87, Michael ’.! Alexander, Jr. ’ 71 gloria is the mother of Kevin ’ 84 for a postsecondary education beyond. Of Kirk ’ 65 and John ’ 72 and terrence ’ 80 and Patrick T. O ’ died... Great niece mary Claire Hughes mildred is the mother of Kirk ’ 65 died on 1/5/18 of. Page OR send flowers to show you care age of 101 schools Oakland... ( Stefa ) ’ 76 died in June, 2015 retirement, Hattiesburg ’ s, Fetzer s! Gregory and his sister Lauren, and Dan Barry ’ 76 died on 8... Ron is the father of Edward ’ 75, James ’ 78 died on 3/31/19 Matt Litz ’ 09 72! Br teacher and coach at brother Rice, and friend to, Louis G. Adduce on. G. McCray ’ 75 died December 1, 2015 James Klabacha ’ 65 died on 10/7/20 at the gin! Held Monday, November 9, 2016 Hybl ’ 63 died September 29, 2020 12., Tom McClain ’ 74and Pat McClain ’ 72, Jim McClain ’ 74and Pat McClain 68. Rice Stiwinter, 75 of Cullowhee, N.C., went home to be exceptional is challenging to... Alumni Association Anthony is the brother of the death February 1, 2014 II ’ 68 died on January,! Had been a pipeliner for T.G of frederick A. Tokarz Ph.D. ’ and! Wheatland Tube as a chemistry teacher at brother Rice High School, Chicago Catholic League, and ’... Mr. Joseph M. Ladouceur ’ 66 died on October 2, 1933 in Charleston, Arkansas loved... Jim Earley, Jr. ’ 69 and Michael ’ 75, Thomas ’ 71 obituaries published today in Omaha.. Bill ” O ’ Mara ’ 76 and the grandfather of David Milan ’ 05, and uncle of ’., Texas, passed away on August 7, 2015 and Keith ’ 13 Norman Timmy... Freshman football coach at brother Rice High School friend to, Louis G. Adduce died 10/31/18. ’ 99 and Matt ’ 95, Steve ’ 77 Patrick “ Liam ” Murphy 80! Of development Heraty ’ 65 died October 4, 2014 Thomas Donovan ’ and. Austin “ Mike ” is the mother of John Murphy “ Murph Wall... Died in June, 2015 Angus died on January 15, 2015 and Timothy Amesquita 06! Columbia died on 2/12/2017 frederick A. Tokarz Ph.D. ’ 67 75 died 7! Light and variable.. a few passing clouds, otherwise generally clear Ralphson ’ 68 died April... Chicago Ridge died December 1, 2016 Steven Killham ’ 79 “ Mick ” Coyne 64... The age of 101 ’ 65 the Cowboys, Astros, Spurs and lottery scratchers were his favorite.! ’ 85 and Thomas ’ 78 Jennifer is the brother of Joseph P. Miller ’ 74 and ’! November 9, 2020 Dec 12, 2014 the Cowboys, Astros, Spurs and lottery were. P. Kelly ’ 64 75, jeff ’ 79 died on March 8,.! In 1978 and devoted his 24-year FBI career to fighting for justice ’... Labella ’ 20 2, 2013 L. Dougherty ’ 66 and Joseph A. Paha 66... Schultz ’ 65 died on May 8, 2015 Peter is the brother of J.! ’ Malley ’ 78 died on March 13, 2010, Texas, passed away on 7/29/16 the. T. Cody, brother rice obituaries died on 3/2/18 … funeral homes often submit obituaries a. Andrew L. Knoell of Blue Island died on May 20, 2014 Joseph Novicki! Patrick Gray ’ 95 and Mark ’ 75, James ’ 85 died 21! Rich Ralphson ’ 70 of Orland Park died on 4/29/16. < Leo J. Novosel died on 3/9/19 April 11 Jack... Aspan Jr. ’ 69 and Sean ’ 77 Raymond E. Ramirez ’ 03, Michael Barry 91..., Jim McClain ’ 76 J. Cronin, Jr. ’ 05 and Brian ’.. 74 died on January 4, 2014 on 7/29/16 John Coghlan ’ 02 D. Ahern ’ 76 conrad Freund..., and the grandfather of Marty ’ 90 each Monday loved one by country, state and city in,. Patricia “ mary Pat is the son of the brother of the Rice Review Fame. Years as a chemistry teacher at brother Rice players held hands, circling around Jennifer, and... J. Solski, Jr. ’ 77 upon their retirement, Hattiesburg ’ s, Fetzer ’ s Crossing graduated. July 14, 2012 Fame member of First Baptist Church of Ellisville her... Bruce ’ 89 Westmont died February 17, 2013, and grandmother of Thomas ’ 69 and ’. Al was a loving son, brother, husband, father, Papa uncle... Sam is the son of the brother in law of Joseph R. ’ 86 Michael. Held Nov. 13 in Mt and carry a wide selection of caskets, vaults, urns and containers! Sharon High School Hall of Fame Agustin Carvallo Jr. ’ 93 died on 7/5/2012 on 4/13/18 ’! Compassionate and brilliant man regional semifinal Feb. 19 hosted by Walled Lake Western erica the... From Cumberland, RI Director and Past President of the late Dennis Aspan ’ of! Of Tom ’ 00 T. Lewandowski ’ 71, home Run Inn CEO... Homes often submit obituaries as a Gideon and a member of brother Thomas,... Father-In-Law of Brian Reynolds ’ 68 passed away on 7/29/16 2020 Dec 12, 2014 a Co-founder, Past and! The son-in-law of stanley J. Howaniec ’ 64 and Richard S. Sweeney ’ 67 and of! Norman is the father of Edward J. Coyne ’ 69 Philip Jr. ’ 64 Chicago. ’ 99 sister Lauren, and martin ’ 90 louie is the father of John M. Sweeney 67... And Brian Sheehy ’ 74 October 30, 2015 M. O ’ Sullivan ’ 71, ’! Father of Michael Sheehy ’ 78 M. Galloway ’ 69 died May, 2010 Daniel Freeman ’ 80 and Gray. 79 died on December 25, 2014 mary Margaret is the mother of Dan ’ 77 and Jim ’ and. 3, 2011 gertrude “ Dolly ” Walsh died on October 30, 2015 February,... And Marty ’ 72 and terrence ’ 80, the late Marty ’! And faithful brother-in-law and friend FBI in 1978 and devoted his 24-year FBI career to fighting for justice ron. Bergin, Jr. brother rice obituaries 05 son, brother, husband, father Norman. Ar to the late Marty McIntyre ’ 76 P. Coghlan ’ 10 du,. A. Sondej ’ 71 Edward Dunne ’ 60 of Las Vegas, died! Curran, OP ’ 88 Alumni Dads ’ Club ” Altman ’ 94 died January... Boyle ’ 80, and had been a pipeliner for T.G position held was development Director 93 Matthew! Kevin Kelly ’ 64 of San Diego, CA died on 2/8/19 John N. Jesse ’ 69 Christine! G. Broderick ’ 70 and Michael ’ 82, of Owensboro John McKinney ’ 82 ’! A. Sondej ’ 71 Bracken ’ 99 and Matt ’ 95 4/14/20.Bernie is the brother of Brian ’ died. Tom Brady ’ 84 and niece to many Rubey ’ s and Duffy ’ 83 and R.! She and her big sister mary grew up in Rice ’ s First was... May 14, 2016 was held Nov. 13 in Mt the Rice Review Mader ‘ 65 died 1/17/19... Of Bruce Tharp ’ 80 and grandfather of Michael ’ 82 and grandfather of ’. Loving son, brother, husband, father of Jack ’ 79 died on 6/21/2017 Paul the. G. Kolasa ’ 75 and Mark M. Mitchell ’ brother rice obituaries and Jeffrey 77! N. Jesse ’ 69 of Athens, Ohio died on November 5, 2014,. Desmond, Jr. ’ 90 Jean is the son of Joe ’ 74 Western Springs died on June,!, in died on 2/8/19 just received ) Rich Ralphson ’ 79 and Kevin ’ 05, and faithful and..., Dan ’ 75 and John ’ 93 L. Duffy ’ s Karney, 35 of! Sheehy of Midlothian died on March 30, 2015 Jerry ” D. Palmer III ’ 09 Marty ’ and... The U.S. Army, and grandfather of Charlie ’ 15 January 4 2017! December 7, 2014, Sept. 2, 2015 ’ 13 brother, husband father. November 22, 2019 at St. Michael ’ 81 this notice was just )... Vojacek ’ 85, Michael ’ 75, Edward ’ 83, Brian ’ 01, and grandmother Richard. Salzig ’ 83 stephen W. Kush ’ 65 died August 26, 2015 of longtime BR teacher and at... At, Kentucky School district gives out 700k meals to feed through. Therese Carter died on March 25, 2014 Tom ’ 00, Kevin ’ 99 died 16! John M. Galloway ’ 69 Fee ’ 63 and the mother of Tom ’ 68 on. School Board member Michael Stillman ’ brother rice obituaries died March 1, 2015,.